Puppy Guide.

As a new pet parent, you want to make sure your puppy starts off on the right paw so they can grow into a happy and healthy adult.

At Petbarn, we have the answers to everything you need to look after your new family member.

From diet and exercise, to puppy school and vaccinations, these essentials will help you make the best decisions on your puppy’s well-being to shape them into a strong and confident dog.

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Handy tools.

Unsure what to feed your puppy?

Discover the best food for your puppy’s nutritional needs with this simple quiz.

Find complete parasite protection.

Understand the right treatments to keep your kitten safe from fleas, ticks and worms.

Dog Breed Selector

Are you dreaming about bringing a puppy into your home, but can’t decide which dog is right for you?

[ "How do I ask my puppy to play nice?", "Which dogs get along with kids?", "When is my puppy ready for adult dog food?", "How do I protect my puppy from ticks?" ]

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Save $40 off your puppy’s next vaccination

Help your puppy be the healthiest it can be with $40 off their next vaccination*. Petbarn is proud to recommend Greencross Vets who are passionate and dedicated about caring for all your pets.

Essential puppy supplies.

Puppy Food

Parasite Treatment

Dog Bedding

Puppy Toys

Puppy Care Bag.

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It's full of product samples, discount flyers and a copy of our Puppy Care Guide.

Our services.

Greencross Vets is part of our Petbarn family and your local team of vets and nurses will ensure that you and your puppy always receive the highest standard of veterinary care.

Petbarn Puppy School is a fun and interactive dog training course that will teach your puppy basic manners along with vital socialisation and development skills.

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