Established in 2012, the Petbarn Foundation has donated over $20m to help animal welfare groups and rescue organisations throughout Australia, and continues to support thousands of pets, animals and the people who love and care for them every day.

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lives saved

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Petbarn In-store Pet Adoption Centres

The Petbarn Foundation in July 2020 celebrated reaching 50,000 Petbarn in-store adoptions. Every year, hundreds of thousands of unwanted pets are surrendered to animal shelters across Australia. The Petbarn Foundation is actively involved in helping to find these pets a loving home they deserve and we look forward to helping find the next 50,000 fur-ever homes too.

In 2012, Petbarn removed the sale of all puppies, dogs, rabbits, mice and guinea pigs from stores. The Petbarn Foundation instead partnered with RSPCA NSW to deliver the first “Petbarn In-store Adoption Centre” the first major Australian pet retailer and animal welfare organisation to do so at the time.

Act of Kindness Food Packages

The Petbarn Foundation partnered with Animal Rescue Cooperative to donate $800k worth of funds, supplies and vet services to help create 4000 care packages to pet parents affected by COVID19 in need of assistance. Friends could nominate someone in need to receive a free care package, like Marty and his beautiful blue staffy, Hendrix.

Hear Marty's story and how Act of Kindness helped them:

"Amidst the pressures of COVID, which has taken its toll financially and mental health-wise, Marty and Hendrix lost their home to a terrifying house fire.

Marty managed to wake and save the dog (and myself who was staying at that house that night!).

Hendrix is the most loving snuggly typical blue staffy. He is just two and that night of the fire he lost his bed, kennel, food, toys, treats and jacket - however these things can all be replaced in time.

I wasn't after anything specific for them, just a token of kindness for Marty as he saved my and Hendrix's life (no exaggeration!) and some comfort items of Hendrix who's still a bit confused that he left his home he's always known and hasn't ever gone back to it.

More grateful than you know for the support offered to Hendrix and Marty!”


20,000 Free Same Day Deliveries

To help those most vulnerable in our community during COVID-19, the Petbarn Foundation and Uber are collectively providing 20,000 free Same Day Deliveries in selected metro areas*. For those who are isolating or working on the frontline in the fight against COVID-19 you can apply to receive a free $9.95 Same Day Delivery service. Want to find out if you are eligible or do you know someone who is? List includes:

  • Healthcare workers
  • Education workers
  • The elderly who are isolating (70+)
  • Immunocompromised people

Please click the link below to see the full list

Shop and show your support

You can now continue to support the Petbarn Foundation by purchasing a $2 Shopping Bag or $5 Hedgehog toy – 100% of the profits will go to the Petbarn Foundation to continue helping animal welfare groups, pet-related charities and the people who dedicate their time to these amazing initiatives you can read about on this page.​

We have both a Dog and a Cat shopping bag available. Find them in-store now!

Bushfire Disaster 2020

The Australian bushfire season in 2019-2020 devastated many communities and animal populations across the country. Sadly, people lost their lives, thousands of homes destroyed, and it’s estimated that billions of birds, reptiles, livestock & marsupials perished.

In the midst of unprecedented disaster, the Petbarn Foundation worked closely with our pet-rescue partners and animal welfare organisations to identify how we can best support our pets, wildlife and our communities during the national emergency.

The Petbarn Foundation provided over $1.2m worth of
immediate assistance including:

  • $551k donation to the RSPCA
  • $390K donation to 33 various local charities
  • $75k donation to Vet Beyond Borders
  • $60k donation of Greencross Vet labour and medication
  • $100k of food and supplies distributed to emergency sites
  • $25k Wildlife Care Packages distributed to rescues
  • $50k donation to WIRES supporting the care of native wildlife
  • $10k donation to Sydney Dingo Rescue
  • $42,740 donated to RSPCA QLD to care for Koalas injured by bushfire

RSPCA Clear the Shelters Adoption Campaign

As part of the Petbarn Foundation’s commitment to caring for animals in need, we participate in the RSPCA annual “Clear the Shelters” Campaign giving shelter pets a second chance at a loving home through Petbarn In-store Adoption Centres.

The campaign helps to:

  • Reduce euthanasia rates due to overcrowding in shelters
  • Create awareness around responsible pet ownership
  • Educate the community on why perfectly healthy animals can end up in shelters

In February 2020, the Petbarn Foundation rehomed 545 pets, including 334 RSPCA animals during the three-day campaign.

Seeing Eye Dogs Vision Australia Fundraising Appeal

The annual Petbarn Foundation Appeal for Seeing Eye Dogs has grown into a key fundraising activity since launching in 2014. The support of the Petbarn Foundation together with Petbarn, Greencross and Royal Canin, their customers, and the Seeing Eye Dogs community across the country has now seen 70 dogs funded to become guides for people who are blind or have low vision.

For the right person, a Seeing Eye Dog can be a better option than using other mobility aids, such as a white cane. The guide dog allows the person to move more quickly and navigate obstacles with reliability and safety. A Seeing Eye Dog provides constant companionship, helps overcome social isolation, depression and contributes to an all-round better quality of life for people who are blind or have low vision.

Our achievements since 2014:

  • $3.286m raised for Seeing Eye Dogs
  • 70 sponsored Seeing Eye Dogs
  • $350k donated by Royal Canin

Australian Wildlife Assistance

Australia is the home of some of the world’s most magnificent and unique wildlife. The Petbarn Foundation is committed to helping all animals great and small. We are proud to help protect our precious wildlife when natural disasters including floods, fire and drought occur.

Here’s how we’ve helped:

  • $25k Wildlife Care Packages donated
  • $50k donation to WIRES supporting native wildlife
  • $10k donation to Sydney Dingo Rescue
  • $42,740 donated to the RSPCA QLD to care for injured Koalas
  • 8 x pallets of bird food donated to the Native Animal Rescue Group
  • 20 x crates donated to RSPCA SA to house injured Koalas on Kangaroo Island

Our mission

To partner with team members, customers, suppliers and community organisations to enrich the
lives of pets, animals and the people who love and need them.

Five R's Philosophy

Purpose Pillars developed to fulfil our mission include:

  • Reducing the number of animal euthanized;
  • Rescuing animals in crisis;
  • Rehabilitate behavioural issues in pets;
  • Provide Relief by supporting activities which help pets and people; and
  • Creating Responsible pet owners.

Petbarn Foundation Facts

  • $13.2m raised on donations
  • 150 in-store Adoption Centres built
  • 50,059 pets adopted In-store
  • 25 pet in-store adoption partners
  • 100% of all adoption fees returned
  • $1.2m donated to bushfire relief
  • $3.2m raised for Seeing Eye Dogs
  • 70 sponsored Seeing Eye Dogs
  • $42,740 donated to RSPCA for Koala care
  • $10,000 donated to Sydney Dingo Rescue
  • $3000 donated to RSPCA for ex-racehorses
  • 200 pet-rescues provide financial relief
  • 30+ tonnes of pet food donated to rescue groups

Our Adoption partners

How your money will help

Donations are collected and distributed to our shelter partners to help animals in need.

Your kind donation will go towards:

  • Supporting the community by providing assistance to vulnerable pet owners through financial, product and veterinary support
  • Partnering with registered charities experienced in Domestic Violence to provide essential pet supplies for people who have fled DV situations
  • Raise awareness and provide support with mental health, in high risk environments such as with children and workplaces
  • Provide financial, product and veterinary support to help promote adoption and reduce euthanasia rates
  • Provide essential pet food and supplies for people displaced during Natural disasters

Make a donation today

Your small change can make a big difference

All donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.

Fundraising Initiatives

  • The Petbarn Foundation encourages Australians to open their hearts to a pet in need of a forever home. In partnership with the RSPCA, more than 140 Petbarn stores nationally will hold a "Clear the Shelters" event, whereby prospective pet parents are able to meet a number of lovable pets in need of a new home.

    The aim of the event is to find forever homes for a number of pets that have previously been displaced for a variety of reasons. All pets have been assessed for re-homing suitability and vet checked. Importanlty, the Petbarn Foundation aims to find long-term solutions for these beautiful animals across Australia.

    Having a pet as part of your family is a wonderful experience and the Petbarn Foundation is delighted to play a role in not only helping pets in need find new homes but in this process enrich the lives of people as they welcome a new member of the family through adoption.

    Clear the Shelters

  • Petbarn Foundation raise funds for animal charities through the Tree of Hope to help assist animals their care over the busy Christmas period and year ahead. Petbarn customers have the opportunity to purchase $3, $5 or $10 to hang the decorations on the Petbarn Tree of Hope. All donations collected on behalf of Petbarn Foundation are distributed to the nominated animal rescue group that often rely on the generosity of the community to help fund the cost involved in rehabilitating pets and preparing them for a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

    Tree of Hope

  • At any one time over 2,000 Australians are estimated to require support from a Seeing Eye Dog. To help reduce this figure, the Petbarn Foundation and Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA) are urge Aussies to get behind Petbarn Foundation annual fundraising appeal to assist Australians who are blind or have low vision.

    "It takes a lot of time, love, patience and money to raise these special working dogs that will one day become the gift of independence for people who are blind or have low vision," said Leigh Garwood, General Manager from Seeing Eye Dogs Australia.

    "Last year’s successful fundraising campaign through the Petbarn Foundation has enabled us to train six dogs who are all doing well. We're once again calling on everyone's generosity to support this year's appeal," added Garwood.

    Seeing Eye Dog Fundraising Appeal