Established in 2012, the Petbarn Foundation has donated over $20m to help animal welfare groups and rescue organisations throughout Australia, and continues to support thousands of pets, animals and the people who love and care for them every day.

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Our Mission

To partner with customers, team members, suppliers and community organisations to enrich the lives of pets, animals and the people who love and care for them.

Five R's Philosophy

We dedicate our time to our 5 R’s Philosophy, which were developed to sustain and fulfil our mission:

Reduce the Euthanasia of unwanted pets

Encouraging Australians to think adoption first through Rescue

Rehabilitate abandoned, abused, and injured animals

Demonstrate Responsibility towards the welfare of animals

Bring Relief to pets and the people who love and care for them


What's On

Animal Rescue Cooperative

Supporting animal rescue groups nationally

Petbarn Instore Adoptions

Partnering with rescues to help rehome pets


Thanks to your generous support, in 2022 we donated:

$1.526m raised to support 50 pet related charities

$700k donated to RSPCA to help surrendered pets

102 Vision Australia Seeing Eye Dogs Funded

$165k for veterinary care and food supplies

$60k for Therapy dogs to assist with mental health

Over 63,000 pets rehomed through Petbarn in-store adoptions

Charities Supported by the Petbarn Foundation


In 2022 the Petbarn Foundation has made $1.5m in donations to over 50 Charities within Australia.
At this time applications for support are closed until further notice.

Thank you for your continued support for the Petbarn Foundation.


Second Chance Animal Rescue, VIC

“Thanks to the support of the Petbarn Foundation and Petbarn’s customers, Second Chance Animal Rescue is able to continue providing professional and animal-loving volunteers to help rescue and rehabilitate dogs and cats, like Cino, due to be euthanised at pounds and shelters across Victoria and offer them a second chance at finding their forever homes.”

Marisa Debattista, Founder

Empower Assistance Dogs

“With the help of the Petbarn Foundation, during a time where donations have ceased, we can continue supporting those in need in our community such as Jordan and assistance dog Brax. Jordan is 22 years old and leads a challenging life – he is intellectually impaired, autistic, non-verbal and copes with fine & gross motor skill difficulties, as well as behavioural issues. Now that Brax is in his life, Jordan has become more cooperative and willing to venture outside for walks and to socialise with others.”

Tracey Murray, Director

Animal Rescue Coffs Harbour

With the help of The Petbarn Foundation, we can continue to support animals like Darla and her Kittens, who were found underneath a house and were cared for and rehomed by ARCH. These donations will mean, the team at ARCH can pay for essential veterinary procedures, pet food and supplies until the animals are ready for adoption. “ARCH would also like to send a BIG Thank you to Petbarn Coffs Harbour for their ongoing support.”

Heather Watkins, Director

Pets in the Park

The Support of The Petbarn Foundation, means that Pets in the Park can continue to provide important assistance to vulnerable pet owners in need, such as veterinary care, food provisions, parasite protection and health advice. This important work can be seen through the assistance to Peter, and his beloved pet Boo. Who received veterinary care when he fell critically unwell. "Boo is my best mate and is with me every day. I tried as many vets as I could to help him when he got sick but no one would see us. If it wasn’t for the support of the Petbarn Foundation and Greencross Vets, Boo would’ve died but instead he is here with me and best of all he is well again.”


Animal Rescue Cooperative

“The Petbarn Foundation is critical to Animal Rescue Cooperative to continue to fund national support to hundreds of rescuers. It ensures we can put in place solid support of food, medical and outreach programs for pet-rescues and rescuers doing it tough. The donation allows us to continue to nurture, care, rehabilitate and rehome animals who would otherwise have no future.”

Kelly Eaton, Project Manager

South East Animal Welfare League of SA (SA)

"With the support of the Petbarn Foundation, we can continue to provide lost, stray or ill-treated dogs and cats with a second chance at a safe and happy home. This includes Jedda, a delightfully sweet Black Labrador found wandering just out of town. She was delivered to the SEAWl by the council and when checked by a vet, it was obvious she had been used to breed many puppies over the years and internally was not in good shape. She was desexed and adopted by a local family and now lives a life of luxury sleeping away winter evenings by the fire with a family who absolutely adores her!”

Kylie Crowhurst, Public Officer

Tasmanian Canine Defence League

“Through the support of the Petbarn Foundation, we’ll be able to continue helping pets such as “Butters”, a tiny pup found with a broken leg. Our Vets were able to treat and nurse Butters who had to have her leg in a cast for 6 weeks. She was nursed back to health during foster care with our Vet Nurse Michelle and now a lovely lady has adopted her into a forever home.”

Gemma Wisby, Finance Officer

Animal Protection Society of WA

“The funds from the Petbarn Foundation will continue to provide veterinary care for our animals, behaviour training and socialisation for our dogs - Including examples such as Domino, a young cat who was taken to a vet with a limp, it was discovered he had a badly broken leg. He had only 2 options - Euthanasia or us. Domino’s surgery costs were in excess of $2,500. We were able to step up and provide financial for surgery. Domino has since made a full recovery and has been now been adopted and his living his best life pain free.”

Melanie Jackson, President


RSPCA Partnership

The Petbarn Foundation and the RSPCA have been in partnership for 10 years in 2022, promoting in-store adoptions and helping to rehome thousands of animals across Australia.

Some Key initiatives include:

  • $100k donated to support foster care
  • $100k donated for care and provisions for Senior animals in shelters to help with rehoming
  • $125k provided to assist animals in care displaced by people finding safe refuge escaping Domestic Violence
  • In-store condo adoptions, rehoming kittens, cats and pocket pets in a timely manner to help keep shelter numbers low

Empower Assistance Therapy Dogs

The Petbarn Foundation has a big focus on community outreach and mental health, and has donated $90k to charity partners Empower Assistance Therapy Dogs to help fund four ethicallybred and trained dogs, to provide vulnerable people in need of emotional support.

Pup Locky, named after the lockdown, was placed in Hymba Yumba Independent School, with the intent of providing the students emotional support, by having said students participate in his training to be a future assistance dog, with attendance rates rising from 57% to 90% in the space of a few months. Behavioural issues in students were also seen to drop an incredible 95% due to the influence of Locky and his happy presence.


Our Adoption partners

We partner with rescues to rehome pets through our in-store Adoption Centres and online.

How your money will help

Your kind donation will go towards:

  • Supporting the community by providing assistance to vulnerable pet owners through financial, product and veterinary support
  • Partnering with registered charities experienced in Domestic Violence to provide essential pet supplies for people who have fled DV situations
  • Raise awareness and provide support with mental health, in high risk environments such as with children and workplaces
  • Provide financial, product and veterinary support to help promote adoption and reduce euthanasia rates
  • Provide essential pet food and supplies for people displaced during Natural disasters
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All donations over $2 are tax deductible in Australia.


In 2022 the Petbarn Foundation has made $1.5m in donations to over 50 Charities within Australia. At this time applications for support are closed until further notice. Thank you for your continued support for the Petbarn Foundation.


In 2022 the Petbarn Foundation has made $1.5m in donations to over 50 Charities within Australia. At this time applications for support are closed until further notice. Thank you for your continued support for the Petbarn Foundation.


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You can now continue to support the Petbarn Foundation by purchasing a $2 Shopping Bag or $5 Hedgehog toy – 100% of the profits will go to the Petbarn Foundation to continue helping animal welfare groups, pet-related charities and the people who dedicate their time to these amazing initiatives you can read about on this page.​

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