It’s a pesky job, but someone’s got to do it. Here’s how to make trimming your pet’s nails as easy as possible.

Cutting your cat's nails

You may love nothing more than a Saturday morning mani-pedi, but cats generally aren’t fans of having their nails done. However, cutting your cat’s nails regularly from when they are kittens is important for a number of reasons.

Cats’ claws grow in layers, and they frequently need to scratch them against coarse surfaces to remove the worn outer layer. Frisky felines also naturally use their claws in play, and soft human skin tends to come off second best. Trimming cat claws means less damage to furnishings and limbs.

Most cats will need to be convinced that having their paws handled is a good thing. With treats on hand, gently massage your feline friend’s paws regularly over the course of a few days.

How to cut your pet's nails

Once you’re both familiar and relaxed with this process, hold your cat in your lap and gently press the toe pad to extend the claw. Make sure to avoid the sensitive quick, the pink part you’ll easily see within the nail, as this contains your cat’s nerves and blood vessels. Use dedicated cat nail clippers to trim the claw. Reward your cat with plenty of praise and a treat once you’re done so they have a positive association with this experience.

Of course, if clipping your cat’s nails seems like a task too far for you, take your pet into your local Greencross Vets clinic where the professionals will be happy to do this for you.