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Kitten Care Guide

48 pages of care tips and discounts! Start your kitten on the right paw with these tips and tricks for …

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How to groom a dog at home in ...

Regularly grooming your dog at home is important to keep them healthy and smelling fresh. There are four routine grooming …

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parasite treatment for dogs

Flea, tick & worm.

Find the best parasite treatment.

Food finder

Cat Litter Finder.

What litter is the best for your cat?

cat food finder

Cat food finder.

Make the best choice for your fur friend.

dog breed selector quiz

Dog breed selector.

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Caring for your dog when quarantined at home

Hands up if your dog has been thrilled with how much time you’ve been spending at home recently? These unprecedented times …

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Quarantine care essentials for your cat

Staying indoors is the safest place for your cat to be, but what essentials should you have on hand for …

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Indoor and backyard activities to keep your dog ...

Now that we’re practising social isolation, it can be tricky to find the right balance between when to exercise outside or to stay safe inside. Have some fun by …

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Boredom busters for cats: Toys and scratchers

Cats are playful companions that need lots of mental stimulation. Fun toys and scratchers are just one way to help …

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How pets boost your mental and physical health

Pets enrich our lives on so many levels. Here’s just a glimpse of how they help humans’ health. With our …

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How to teach your dog to do tricks

A well-behaved dog that can sit, stay and come is fantastic. It’s even more fun when your pet can high-five …

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How do I stop my dog licking me?

You know where that tongue has been. And no matter how loving your dog’s intentions are, it’s best that they …

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Is your pet afraid of thunderstorms?

For many dogs, storms can be a frightening experience. While we know that’s it is pretty common for dogs to suffer from storm anxiety or noise phobia, however the reason some dogs fear storms and loud noises in not entirely known.

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