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Guide to flea, tick and worm prevention for ...

All dogs are at risk of contracting parasites that are in our environment, but you can keep your pet safe …

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Controlling worms, ticks and fleas on cats

Parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms are active all year round and can have a serious impact on the …

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parasite treatment for dogs

Flea, tick & worm.

Find the best parasite treatment.

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Spring and summer are seasons for snakes

Warning: the warmer months of the year are the times snakes are most active in your dog’s environment. Here’s how …

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Benefits of super premium cat food

What is super premium cat food? ‘Super premium’ refers to those pet foods with the highest quality ingredients and formulations. Compared …

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7 cat parasite myths you shouldn’t believe

We all want the best for our pets but sometimes we’re working off the wrong information. Learn the truth about …

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Top 6 dog parasite myths busted

Don’t let parasite myths worm their way into your brain! Read on to find out the top 6 dog parasite …

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How to protect your puppy from parasites  

Your puppy’s health is no doubt a top priority, so you’ll want to keep parasite prevention on your radar. Here’s …

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Paralysis tick prevention for cats: Everything you need ...

Paralysis ticks are common throughout Australia’s eastern seaboard. In some areas there is a defined tick season, In other areas ticks are a danger all year round.

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Intestinal worms in cats: Symptoms, treatment and prevention

Don’t let them worm their way into your household – stay diligent on intestinal worms and keep your cat healthy. …

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How to treat and prevent ticks on dogs

  What are ticks? Ticks are dangerous parasites that feed on your dog’s blood and secrete toxins into their bloodstream. …

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