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Puppy Care Guide

58 pages of care tips and discounts! Start your puppy on the right paw with these tips and tricks for …

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What should my cat’s poo look like? A ...

Do you want to understand your cat’s health and whether they’re eating the right diet for them? The clue is …

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parasite treatment for dogs

Flea, tick & worm.

Find the best parasite treatment.

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Parasite prevention for kittens  

Parasite prevention is a crucial part of parenting a pet – especially when they’re young. Here are the parasites that …

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Guide to flea, tick and worm prevention for ...

All dogs are at risk of contracting parasites that are in our environment, but you can keep your pet safe …

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How to protect your puppy from parasites  

Your puppy’s health is no doubt a top priority, so you’ll want to keep parasite prevention on your radar. Here’s …

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Controlling worms, ticks and fleas on cats

Parasites such as fleas, ticks and worms are active all year round and can have a serious impact on the …

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7 signs of dental disease in cats: Bad ...

80% of adult cats have dental disease. And it’s preventable. Bad breath in cats is just one of 7 symptoms …

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How to clean your dog’s teeth at home

Smelly dog breath isn’t normal so it’s important to keep their teeth and gums clean and healthy. Here are our top …

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How to brush your cat’s teeth

Brushing your cat’s teeth is an important part of their daily dental care routine. Follow our steps on how to …

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5 ways to clean your cat’s teeth

Your cat’s dental health is just as important as your own! Follow this guide on how to clean your cat’s …

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