• Bird Care & Maintenance

    Bird care for beginners

    Everything you need to know about looking after your pet bird. You’ve welcomed a bird into your family – congratulations! Here are the essentials for optimum care. A balanced diet Birds need balanced nutritional support in the form of either a complete diet – such as pellets – or quality supplements in conjunction with great …

  • Bird Care & Maintenance

    Everything you need for your canary

    Canaries are bright and alert pets that bring their owners much joy. But before you bring your new songbird home, make sure you have everything you need. Find out more with our checklist.   Housing A good-sized cage While budgies are likely to climb around their cages using their beaks, canaries aren’t able to because …

  • Bird Care & Maintenance

    Your guide to owning a cockatiel

    Discover everything you need to get set up for your new cockatiel, including their food, cage, toys and more. Create the perfect home for your new pet. Cockatiels are beautiful birds and make lovely companions as they are very sociable pets. If you’ve settled on a new cockatiel for your home, be sure you have …

  • Bird Care & Maintenance

    Budgie care guide

    Find out everything you need to know about how to care for a budgie, including advice on grooming, nutrition and routine. Budgies are one of the most popular winged companions available and for good reason. If you need some guidance on how to care for yours, here are our tips for keeping them happy and …

  • Pets & Us

    Penguin the magpie: For Better Humans

    The very special story of Penguin the magpie and her human family is not to be missed. All photography by Cameron Bloom. Cameron, Sam and their children Noah, Oli and Reuben Bloom live on the NSW coast. Sam suffered a spinal injury in Thailand whilst on holidays and was left paralysed, spending seven months in …

  • Pets & Us

    Penguin the magpie and the Bloom family

    After hearing about how Penguin the magpie made the Bloom family better humans, we thought we’d share more of Penguin’s amazing story. Cameron Bloom tells us more about this incredible magpie. All photography by Cameron Bloom. How did Penguin the magpie come to be part of your family? Sam and my son Noah were visiting …