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Cat Grooming Products, Brushes & Shampoo

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Cat Grooming Products, Brushes & Shampoo
Are you looking for the best grooming products and supplies for your cat? At Petbarn we stock an extensive range of cat brushes and cat grooming products to keep your feline friend looking purrfect. Proper cat grooming will not only benefit your pet, but it will also help with your housework too! Regular brushing reduces the amount of hair they carry, which means less hair falling onto the floor, rubbing onto furniture, and collecting on your clothes turning your nice black shirt into a fur coat. By regularly brushing your cat they will in turn shed significantly less around your home and on you. Brushing your cat is also an important part of maintaining your cats overall health by removing skin flakes and stimulating their blood circulation. This improves the overall condition of their skin by also removing dirt, grease and dead hair from their coat. This routine is also important in helping identify early signs of ticks, fleas, and skin infections. Not to mention having this daily grooming routine is a fantastic way to bond with your cat, especially with brushes designed to mimic the feeling of being groomed by their mother. You can also buy now and pay later for all of our cat grooming products on the Petbarn website with Afterpay or Zip.

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