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Discover the Best Crystal Litter for Your Cat's Comfort & Cleanliness


What are the benefits of using crystal litter for my cat?

Crystal cat litter offers a multitude of benefits for you and your feline friend. It's highly absorbent, effectively soaking up cat urine, locking in odours and providing a fresher environment for your home. Unlike other types of cat litter, crystal litter is dust-free, making it a cleaner option. It also requires less frequent changing, saving you time and effort.

How often should I change crystal litter in the tray?

How often you’ll need to change your cat litter crystals depends on the number of cats you have. For a single-cat household, it's recommended to completely change crystal litter at least every 3-4 weeks. If you have more than one cat, you may need to change it more frequently to maintain cleanliness. Make sure to scoop out faecal matter daily.

Is crystal litter safe for kittens?

Yes, crystal cat litter is safe for kittens. However, as kittens are naturally curious and may ingest non-food items, it's important to monitor them closely when introducing them to crystal litter.

How does crystal litter odour control compare to other types of cat litter?

Crystal litter excels in odour control. The silica gel crystals absorb urine and evaporate moisture, effectively trapping and neutralising odours. This is in stark contrast to other types of cat litter that may merely mask the smell.

Can crystal litter be used for other pets besides cats?

While primarily designed for cats, crystal litter can also be used for other small pets, such as rabbits and guinea pigs. However, it's always best to consult with a vet before making changes to your pet's environment.

How much crystal litter should I put in the tray?

About 5 centimetres of crystal cat litter in the tray is usually sufficient. This allows your cat to comfortably dig and cover their waste while ensuring the crystals absorb the urine effectively.

Is crystal litter biodegradable or recyclable?

Due to their silica gel composition, most crystal litters are not biodegradable or recyclable. However, they are long-lasting, which can offset their environmental impact. Always check the packaging for specific disposal instructions.

How does crystal litter affect cats with allergies or sensitivities?

Crystal litter can be a great choice for cats with allergies or sensitivities as it is dust-free and non-clumping. This reduces the risk of respiratory issues and skin irritations that can be caused by other types of cat litter.

Can crystal litter be flushed down the toilet or composted?

No, crystal litter should not be flushed down the toilet or composted. Silica gel crystals are not designed to break down in water or soil. Improper disposal can lead to plumbing issues or environmental harm.

What are the instructions for properly disposing of used crystal litter?

Used crystal cat litter should be bagged securely and disposed of with your regular household waste. Always wash your hands thoroughly after handling used cat litter to prevent the spread of bacteria.

Crystal cat litter offers an innovative and efficient solution for cat owners seeking superior odour control and minimal dust. At Petbarn, we provide a diverse range of cat litter options to suit your preferences. For eco-conscious choices, consider our selection of natural cat litter, which is biodegradable and gentle on your cat's paws. Alternatively, our paper cat litter offers excellent absorbency. To keep your cat's litter area clean and organised, explore our assortment of litter tray accessories. If you prefer traditional options, we also have clay litter available. Browse our complete selection of cat litter trays to find the perfect fit for your feline friend. For kittens, we offer specialised kitten litter to meet their unique needs. Choose Petbarn for an array of high-quality crystal cat litter and other options to ensure a comfortable and pleasant littering experience for your beloved cat.

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