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    Kong Connects Kitty Comber Cat Toy
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    KONG Naturals Catnip Spray 30mL
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    Kong Connect Window Teaser Cat Toy
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  4. All Day Kitty Tunnel Cat Toy Blue Purple Assorted
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Browse Our Range of Adorable Kitten Toys


What types of kitten toys do you offer?

We stock a variety of kitten toys to keep your furry friend entertained and engaged. Our selection includes plush toys, balls, teasers, tunnels and more. We understand that each kitten has unique preferences, so our diverse range ensures there's something for every feline personality.

Do you offer interactive toys for kittens?

Absolutely! We believe interactive toys are essential for a kitten's mental and physical development. Our collection includes puzzle toys, treat dispensers and motorised toys that encourage your kitten to use their natural instincts to hunt, chase and pounce.

Are there any toys that help with a kitten's development and growth?

Many toys are designed to aid in your kitten's development and growth. For instance, puzzle toys and treat dispensers stimulate your kitten's cognitive skills, while teasers and motorised toys encourage physical activity and help develop their hunting instincts. Additionally, some toys help kittens build their motor skills, coordination and balance, setting them up for a healthy and happy life.


Are there any toys that can aid in dental health for kittens?

Yes, we stock toys that promote dental health for kittens. Dental toys are designed with textured surfaces that help remove plaque and tartar from your kitten's teeth as they chew and play. These toys not only keep your kitten entertained but also contribute to maintaining oral hygiene and preventing future dental issues.

What materials are kitten toys made from?

Kitten toys are made from various high-quality materials, including soft plush, durable rubber and non-toxic plastic. We carefully select products made from materials that are safe for your kitten and able to withstand their playful nature. Additionally, we ensure all toys are free from harmful chemicals and substances, making them a safe choice for your kitten's playtime.

Are there any toys that can help me train my kitten?

Yes, we stock toys that can assist you in training your kitten. For example, treat dispensers and puzzle toys can be used to teach your kitten problem-solving skills and reward them for their efforts. Additionally, teaser toys can be used to train your kitten to follow commands and improve their agility. Incorporating these toys into your training sessions can make the process more enjoyable and engaging for you and your kitten.

How can I choose the right toy for my kitten?

Choosing the right toy for your kitten depends on their age, personality and preferences. Observe your kitten's play style and consider their energy level, physical abilities and cognitive development. Soft toys and teasers are ideal for younger kittens, while older kittens may enjoy more challenging toys like puzzles and treat dispensers. Feel free to experiment with different types of toys to discover what your kitten enjoys the most.

Are kitten toys safe and non-toxic?

Your kitten's safety is our top priority. We ensure all toys stocked are made from non-toxic materials and are free from harmful chemicals and substances.

Provide endless entertainment for your playful kitten with our selection of engaging kitten toys. At Petbarn, we know keeping your kitten entertained is essential for their development and happiness. Explore our wide range of toys, including options to complement their kitten food and grooming needs, from kitten grooming products to kitten litter supplies. Our range also includes kitten housing and scratchers to provide a cosy and fun environment for your little one. Enhance their playtime with tempting kitten treats and comfortable kitten bedding. Every moment with your kitten is precious, and our range of toys is designed to create lasting memories and nurture their curiosity.

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