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How to choose the best kitten food

Deciding what to feed your kitten is an important decision as kittens develop rapidly, both physically and mentally. To give …

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Cat food finder.

Make the best choice for your fur friend.

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Cat Litter Finder.

What litter is the best for your cat?


How to transition your cat to a new ...

Changing your cat’s diet can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are our top tips on how …

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Kitten Care Guide

48 pages of care tips and discounts! Start your kitten on the right paw with these tips and tricks for …

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Kitten proofing your home

Getting your house in order will ensure that your kitten has a safe and secure environment when they arrive. Follow …

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Australia’s 5 top cat breeds

If you’re thinking of purchasing or adopting a cat, here are the five top cat breeds most commonly welcomed into Aussie homes that …

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How often and how much to feed a ...

It can be difficult to know how often to feed your cat and how much to feed your cat at …

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7 cat parasite myths you shouldn’t believe

We all want the best for our pets but sometimes we’re working off the wrong information. Learn the truth about …

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Parasite prevention for kittens  

Parasite prevention is a crucial part of parenting a pet – especially when they’re young. Here are the parasites that …

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Pet safety tips this festive season

Aaah, the festive season is upon us. We spend days traipsing around the country, struggling in the heat being overwhelmed by insects. Overindulging in rich foods, tied up in tinsel and kept wondering where the last piece of that Lego set got to. The Christmas holiday season can be very similar for our pets.

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