If you’re looking for a new cat companion, consider adoption through rescues first. There are so many benefits, and there are thousands of potential pets waiting for a new home. 


So, what are the benefits to adopting a cat? 

1. You can give them a fur-ever home 

With thousands of cats being taken in at shelters every year, there is a dire need for these animals to find new forever homes. If you’re looking to welcome a cat into your life, be sure to consider adoption through rescues. Your perfect pet partner could be waiting for you. 

2. Rescue cats are often trained and socialised 

As most animals that are up for adoption have been pets before, rescue cats are often trained and socialised before they’re put up for adoption. The rescue looking after them knows what they like (and don’t like) and if they have any habits or quirks you need to know about before taking them home.  

3. You have a good idea of their personality 

Many shelters take note of a cat’s personality and temperament and can match them to what you’re looking for. There are many adult cats looking for new homes. While you may miss the kitten stage, adult cat’s personalities are fully developed and you’ll end up with a pet that’s mature and happy to live with you. Less chance of furniture being ruined by a clawing kitten, too! 

4. You’re sure to get a healthy pet 

Responsible pet shelters will desex and vaccinate your pet, perform a health test, keep worming up to date, and microchip them. This means fewer trips to the vet (an added cost of purchasing younger pets) and means your pet can settle in faster. You’ll also have the peace of mind, knowing your cat is in great health when you welcome them into your home. 

5. Adoption through rescues saves more than just one life 

Your adoption fee is more helpful than you might realise. That fee goes towards helping so many other animals helped by animal rescues. It pays for food, litter, medical fees, facilities, and more. Rescues rely on your donations to care for cats until they find their new homes.  

Did you know that Petbarn works with animal rescues like the RSPCA, Friends of the Pound, and Animal Welfare League Queensland to help pets find their fur-ever homes? Over 70, 000 pets around Australia have found new homes through our adoption centres. 

If you’re thinking of getting a cat, it’s worth visiting a Petbarn Adoption Centre. Your new best friend could be waiting for you.  

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