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Puppy School

Petbarn Puppy School is a group puppy school conducted by trained and qualified Puppy trainers at selected Petbarn Stores. During the early months, positive socialisation and play is vital for the development of your puppy


Why join Petbarn Puppy School?

When it comes to training, the early months of your puppy’s life is essential. They will learn vital socialisation and communication skills when they are young and these early life experiences influence how your puppy will play, communicate and learn as they develop into an adult dog. Our Petbarn Puppy School trainers consist of experienced Greencross Veterinary Nurses and/or qualified dog trainers with a special interest in animal behaviour to help your puppy reach their potential.

For the whole family

A puppy is a part of the whole family so we encourage you to bring along the kids. Our classes will teach you about puppy and dog socialisation, dog communication, leadership, child and dog safety, training, vet care and troubleshooting naughty behavior. You will learn how to decipher canine communication so that you can have a better understanding of why and how your pet learns and plays.

Puppy Training you can trust

Petbarn Puppy School is a fun and interactive dog training course that will allow your puppy to socialise in a positive environment with dogs of all sizes. Your puppy will be taught basic manners and best behaviour along with vital socialisation and development skills.

What is the age range for puppies to join the class?

Your puppy should be between the ages of 8-16 weeks old for the first class and must have had at least one vaccination 2 weeks prior to their first group class.

How many puppies are in our classes?

Our classes will typically have 4-8 puppies in attendance.

Is your dog older than 16 weeks?

Many of our trainers can offer advanced courses, please make an enquiry and they can advise you of what’s available in your area for older dogs.

Puppy training includes:

  • Calming and handling techniques
  • A puppy’s view of the big wide world
  • How your puppy learns

Basic manners and cues such as:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Drop
  • Stay

Advice on common ‘unwanted’ puppy behaviours such as:

  • Toilet training
  • Crying at night

Troubleshooting challenging puppy behaviours such as:

  • Biting
  • Jumping
  • Hyper-activity
  • Separation behaviours

Contact a Petbarn Puppy School

Greencross Vets Best Behaviour Puppy Classes are available from selected Petbarn locations. Your closest trainer will contact you.

Puppy Graduates

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Frequently asked questions

How long do the classes go for?

Each class runs for approximately one hour.

How many weeks does the Petbarn Puppy School go for?

Our schools run for 4 or 5 weeks depending on the location and the trainer. Our 5 week courses are human only in the first week. Your local trainer will discuss the with you.

What is the age range for puppies to join the class?

A puppy must be between the ages of 8 – 16 weeks as of the first week of class. Age is based on the time of the first class not the time of booking. A puppy may not join Petbarn Puppy School if they will be over the age of 16 weeks at the time of the first class.

Are there any other enrolment requirements?

Yes. A puppy must have had at least one vaccine a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the first group class (week 2) and be up to date with all vaccines, flea prevention, worming and tick prevention (where appropriate).

What happens if I miss a class?

In the event that you are unable to make a class you can contact the Petbarn Puppy School trainer to seek advice and homework. No partial refunds will be given for a missed class and missed classes cannot be made up at a later date by joining in on another Petbarn Puppy School class due to puppy ages, development and socialisation. Exceptional circumstances will be considered on a case by case basis.

What happens if my puppy is sick and cannot come?

If your puppy is sick and cannot come to class you may attend class without your puppy. The Petbarn Puppy School instructor will give homework and give advice on what to do in this situation.

Can my puppy come if it has been desexed that week?

Yes, however the puppy must remain as quiet as possible. The puppy school trainer will adjust the class play sessions and structure to accommodate for the puppy. If you are unsure if your puppy should attend Petbarn Puppy School after desexing you should seek Veterinary advice or speak to your Petbarn Puppy School trainer.

Can a small dog that is a little older join?

No. Just because the puppy looks young and small does not mean they are in the same development stage. The critical socialisation development phase for puppies is up to 16 weeks. It is vital that they learn to communicate and socialise with other dogs in a positive safe environment. Having older puppies, regardless of their size can severely impact on a young puppy’s social development.

Can different Breeds (small and large) be in the same class?

Yes and it is recommended. It is important that puppies are exposed to other puppies of all different sizes and Breed to help develop positive social skills.