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Reptile Pet Supplies


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Reptile Pet Supplies

Reptiles, lizards, turtles, snakes and other cold-blooded critters are wonderful pets. Feeding and maintenance has never been easier now that you can buy reptile supplies online, and new reptile owners should check out Petbarn's extensive range of habitats and accessories instore to make your exotic pet feel right at home.

We stock specialist food for bearded dragons, turtles and other reptiles as well as supplements that can be added to your reptile’s food to make sure your pets are getting a balanced diet. You'll find more nutritional solutions and products in our reptile health and wellbeing range, including enclosure cleaners and sanitisers to protect your reptiles from infections.

Reptiles are adapted to very different conditions from humans, and it's essential that they feel as comfortable in your home as you are. We supply reptile habitats to match animals of all sizes and for every price range, as well as natural bedding and substrate, energy-efficient heating and lighting and habitat decor to bring the outback into your home.

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Dr Martin Runderberg Greencross Vet

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