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Fish & Aquarium Products


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Fish & Aquarium Products

Find all the supplies and equipment you need to keep your fish healthy and your pond, tank or aquarium pristine at Petbarn. Shop online and in your local stores to explore Australia's largest range of products for goldfish, guppies and tropical fish of all colours, shapes and sizes.

Petbarn stock a wide range of fish food including flakes and pellets, and you can make sure your fish are getting all the vital nutrients they with medications and supplements from Seachem and other trusted brands including Aqua One to keep your fish tank in perfect condition.

If you're buying your first aquarium or upgrading to a larger tank, check out our selection of aquariums and stands that range in size from less than 10 litres to more than 200L. You'll also find everything you need to keep your aquarium clean and comfortable for your fish with a minimum of maintenance, including biological and chemical filtration systems, air pumps and heaters and chillers, not forgetting the finishing touches of plants and decor.

Appropriate tank temperature varies greatly between fish species, so do your research to ensure your tank is the correct temperature. Also, make sure your tank is not directly exposed to sunlight as this can have an effect the water.

Dr Martin Runderberg Greencross Vet

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