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  • PB379_Petbarn-Blog-800x533px-8

    8 ways we treat our pets like humans

    When it comes to our pets, there’s nothing we wouldn’t do for them. In fact, we love them so much they’re practically part of the family…   Forget ‘baby talk’ it’s all about ‘pet talk’. We know when we have a cute dog in the office, we all just melt and bring our cutesy little puppy ...

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  • rainbow-spotted-crimson-fish

    Top fish types to keep as pets

    They’ve been proven to reduce stress and are a relatively low-maintenance pet to keep. Here are just some of our favourite fish types. Head into your local Petbarn store to see our range of fish!   The Rummynose Tetra The Rummynose Tetra fish can typically be found in Rainforest rivers and streams. Its torpedo-shaped body ...

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  • A goldfish in an aquarium

    How can I keep my goldfish alive for a longer time?

    Funnily enough, fish can grow far bigger depending on the size of the tank they call home. Want your goldfish to live a long and healthy life, beyond 20 years and possibly grow over 30cm? Here’s how. What size aquarium does my fish need? If an adult goldfish, generally 2 years old depending on the ...

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  • fish

    Water testing and treatment

    There are many chemicals in water, but not all of them should be present in aquariums. Fish owners should test their tank’s water regularly using aquarium test kits and treat the water accordingly. It’s all part of ensuring fish live in the safest, most natural environment possible. Tap water Tap water is treated with an array ...

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  • new-fish-to-tank-blog

    How can I introduce new fish to the tank?

    Moving to a new home is stressful, especially for fish. So whether you’re starting an aquarium from scratch or adding a new pet, read on to ensure the transition flows smoothly.   Selection Before purchasing a new fish, speak to your local Petbarn expert about whether it’s a good match for those you’ve already got at ...

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  • Neon tetras

    How can I tell if my fish tank water is healthy?

    The key to healthy fish is healthy tank water. Here’s how to check your aquarium health and stop your fish looking green around the gills.   The easiest way to check your fish tank water is to buy a good all-round tester kit. The key things to look out for are ammonia, nitrite, nitrate and ...

    The post How can I tell if my fish tank water is healthy? appeared first on PetSpot.

Find all the supplies and equipment you need to keep your fish healthy and your pond, tank or aquarium pristine at Petbarn. Shop online and in your local stores to explore Australia's largest range of products for goldfish, guppies and tropical fish of all colours, shapes and sizes.

Petbarn stock a wide range of fish food including flakes and pellets, and you can make sure your fish are getting all the vital nutrients they with medications and supplements from Seachem and other trusted brands including Aqua One to keep your fish tank in perfect condition.

If you're buying your first aquarium or upgrading to a larger tank, check out our selection of aquariums and stands that range in size from less than 10 litres to more than 200L. You'll also find everything you need to keep your aquarium clean and comfortable for your fish with a minimum of maintenance, including biological and chemical filtration systems, air pumps and heaters and chillers, not forgetting the finishing touches of plants and decor.

Appropriate tank temperature varies greatly between fish species, so do your research to ensure your tank is the correct temperature. Also, make sure your tank is not directly exposed to sunlight as this can have an effect the water.

Dr Martin Runderberg Greencross Vet

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  • StuMorley-8061_blog

    Petbarn supports Seeing Eye Dogs Australia

    Having a vision impairment or blindness makes navigating the world, and experiencing everyday life, much more difficult. That’s why it’s so important for organisations like Seeing Eye Dogs Australia to train and supply highly skilled dogs to help those people affected by full or partial blindness and other vision impairment. Seeing Eye Dogs Australia (SEDA) is ...

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  • 2 copy

    Cats who think they’re yogis

    Who says we should have all the fun on the yoga mats? These cats are getting to grips with their downward dogs, too! Namaste.   This little guy is becoming one with nature and hitting the great outdoors for his stretches.   Namaste to our feline friend here, who’s really relaxing into his pose.   “I ...

    The post Cats who think they’re yogis appeared first on PetSpot.

  • Bella-v2

    VIPs: Very Important Puppies!

    Catch up on all the news from our friends at Seeing Eye Dogs Australia, where the new puppy recruits are making a lot of headway with their training!   Belle    Belle’s personality is growing bigger and brighter than ever. Her Puppy Carer says she radiates so much joy, leaving people entertained and smiling. Not ...

    The post VIPs: Very Important Puppies! appeared first on PetSpot.

  • 2 copy

    9 reasons seeing eye dogs are the best dogs in the world

    Seeing Eye Dogs, those beautiful Labradors and Golden Retrievers, bring many loveable qualities to their owners, as well as benefitting the community around them. Here are nine reasons Seeing Eye Dogs are the best dogs in the world! 1. Seeing Eye Dogs are loyal and protective companions, they often provide the owner in need with more ...

    The post 9 reasons seeing eye dogs are the best dogs in the world appeared first on PetSpot.

  • Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.51.51 PM

    Top winter fashion for your dog

    Play it cool with these top winter looks for your furry friends this coming season. That’s a wrap Baxter the Dachshund loves his silky coat and he hates being out of trend. Not only does this matching scarf and wrap beanie make him look uber chic but it also protects his coat from those nasty ...

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  • Kitten and Dandelion

    What plants are toxic for cats?

    Plants or flowers often give that bright feeling to a home, but if you have a feline friend, that beautiful plant could be toxic for cats. Particular plants are toxic to cats and should be avoided at all times in your home. While in some cases, just parts of a plant might be poisonous, this ...

    The post What plants are toxic for cats? appeared first on PetSpot.

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