• Training

    Leaving your kitten home alone

    Are you worried about leaving your new kitten home alone? Here are a few things to that can help you feel confident that your pet is safe and sound in their new surroundings. Introduction Separated from mum, a new and unfamiliar home, surrounded by strangers — all these new experiences are a lot for a …

  • Training

    5 Easy Steps for Toilet Training Your Kitten

    Here are 5 easy steps for toilet training your kitten the right way from day one. Find the best litter for your kitten and where you should keep the litter tray to ensure training success. Introduction Kittens are adorable pets that love to play, explore and nap. However, it can’t always be fun and games …

  • Caring Training

    My kitten is scared. What can I do?

    The world can seem like a big and uncertain place from the perspective of a kitten, particularly one that’s recently been separated from their mum and litter. Here are some ways to bring your newest family member out of their shell. While some kittens buck the trend and demand your affection right from the get …

  • Behaviour & Training Training

    Are cats nocturnal?

    Your cat may sleep twice as much as you do, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they sleep when you want them to. Far from simply irritating you, there’s a reason your cat is prone to meowing or clawing at your bedcovers just as dawn is breaking. A lot of people believe that cats are nocturnal, …

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    How do I stop my kitten biting?

    Lions, tigers, cheetahs and panthers. Your adorable kitten, who won’t stop gnawing at your hand, shares genes with some of the world’s fiercest predators – and a few playful habits as well. Like its feline cousins, your domesticated cat sharpens its hunting skills by partaking in play aggression. The mock fighting is normally conducted between …