Use this tool to find the best combination of products that will ensure your dog is 100% protected against parasites in your area.

If left untreated, parasites such as fleas, ticks, heartworm and intestinal worms cause serious health issues and in some cases can be fatal.

This tool has been developed in collaboration with Greencross Vets.

5 easy questions to finding the best flea, tick & worm treatment


How old is [pet_name]?

It’s important to know [pet_name]’s age as some parasite treatments have a minimum age requirement. 

Always check the safety directions on the product information pamphlet before starting treatment.


0-1 year


1-5 years


6+ years

Do you know how much [pet_name] weighs?

The dosage amount for parasite treatments will vary by product and application type based on your dog’s exact weight at the time of treatment. 

We recommend regularly checking [pet_name]’s weight to ensure you administer the correct dosage for complete protection.




How much does [pet_name] weigh?

[pet_name]’s current weight will determine the best parasite protection products for them.

Move the slider up or down to confirm your dog’s weight.


What breed size is [pet_name]?

Choose [pet_name]’s breed size from the options below. 

We can recommend products to protect [pet_name] from parasites but without knowing their exact weight, results will vary.

WARNING: Confirm your dog’s exact weight before administering any parasite treatments. It is crucial to know your dog’s weight to calculate and administer the correct dosage of medication.

Small breed

Small like a Pug or Jack Russell Terrier

Medium breed

Medium like a Beagle or Australian Cattle Dog

Large breed

Large like a Labrador or Dalmatian

Extra large breed

Extra large like a Rottweiler or Great Dane

Does [pet_name] already receive a heartworm treatment?

For example, has [pet_name] received a yearly heartworm injection (SR12) from your vet, or do you currently provide them with a heartworm preventative at home? 

WARNING: Ensure you see a vet BEFORE you start any heartworm preventative as treatment may cause adverse effects if your dog is already infected with heartworm.



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Where do you live?

Different parasites affect different regions of Australia. The best combination of treatments will depend on the parasites detected in your area.

Please keep your cursor in the text field, once drop down appears please select a postcode/suburb.