• Care & Maintenance

    The essentials of water care

    From set up to maintenance, we explain the basics when it comes to establishing healthy water conditions in your fish tank. Understanding the requirements behind good water quality is the first and most important part of fish keeping. What is the nitrogen ‘cycle’? How do I know my tank is cycled and ready for livestock? …

  • Care & Maintenance

    Keeping Livebearers

    Like their name suggests, Livebearers –including Guppies, Mollies, Platys and Swordtails – give birth to live young. Find out more about this exciting variety of community fish. Origins Members of the Poeciliidae family are widely distributed from the Southern United States through Mexico and Central America to South America. This group of freshwater fish includes …

  • Care & Maintenance

    How do I set up a fish aquarium?

    We explain what’s required to create the perfect tank. Congratulations – you’re ready to become a fish parent! There are a lot of options for setting up your aquarium, with many different sizes and pieces of equipment available. An ideal beginner aquarium is one of the new ‘all in one’ aquariums made by a number …

  • Care & Maintenance

    Helping your fish cope with summer heat

    Just like us, our fish friends feel stressed when it’s extremely hot outside. Here are seven ways you can help them stay cool and calm. Extreme heat creates problems. When temperatures are high, fish go into metabolic overdrive, consume more oxygen and produce more waste products. These waste products can be more toxic at higher …

  • Care & Maintenance

    Considering a Tetra fish?

    Easy to care for and bright to look at – Tetras are a popular choice. Find out more about this this fish. General Information Tetras are one of the most common types of fish found in South America. Their name is commonly used for a large group of fish characterised by the presence of a small …