Although we love it when you come in store for a chat and to see our great range of pet products and services currently available in WA & QLD can come to you. We know you’ve got a busy lifestyle, so our mobile hydro-bath services can come to you. Our hydro-baths gently massage and stimulate your dog’s skin, helping blood circulation, relieving tired muscles, soaking out the deepest dirt, leaving your dog clean and smelling great.

Why Petbarn Mobile Dog Wash?

We start by inspecting your dog’s coat and overall condition then select a wash from our range of services. We use the latest premium grade salon quality shampoos that are free of phosphates, parabens and enzymes. Our range of shampoos use naturally based ingredients to cater for all skin types.

We’ll clean your dog’s ears and clip nails if required, and can also blow-dry your dog if needed. All washes end with a deodorising cologne spritz and a yummy treat for your dog.

Whatever was lurking in the depths of your dog’s coat, be it dead skin, fleas, mites, ticks or just the usual dirt and grime, we’ll get rid of it and leave them smelling like they just stepped out of a salon.

So convenient, we come to you

We fit in with your best friends plans by coming to their home. Every dog is unique so we tailor every dog wash plan to the needs of each dog. Each dog is treated like a VIP!


Why our dog wash is the
best in the neighbourhood!

We only use the best products for a price that is affordable for everyone. As your local dog wash expert, we know how to get right to the skin and wash away all dirt, dry dead skin cells, fleas and flea eggs.

Love dogs? Join our team.

If you’re self-motivated, enthusiastic and love meeting new personalities, you have just what we’re after. As a Petbarn Dogwash franchisee, you’ll get to own your own business and be part of a growing brand, plus you’ll have heaps of fun every day.

Available services

We’ll treat your dog like a prince or princess, at a price you don’t need to be royalty to afford. We start by carefully inspecting your dog’s coat and overall condition. Then we select a wash from our premium-only products that will best suit your dog’s needs. Fleas or ticks? We’ve got it covered. Skin allergies? We’ll take extra gentle care of those too.

Bathing Services

 Deluxe Bath & Blow Dry^ Bath & Blow Dry^ Bath & Towel/Chamois Dry Wash & Walk
Inspect Coat
Nails Clipped*
Ears & Eyes Cleaned
Shampoo or Flea Rinse
Doggy Cologne
Towel/Chamois Dry
Blow Dry
Coat brush & loose hair removal
Specialty Shampoo Upgrade
Additional Conditioner Treatment
Antistatic Detangler
Free Treat
Dog Walk
Pricing# $65 $50 $40 $80

*Aggressive or agitated dogs may be unsafe to clip nails. Problem or overgrown nails may require veterinary referral. #Matted fur, stained or ‘more than rolled in mud’ may incur additional charges. ^Large or long haired dogs may incur additional costs for extra drying time required.

Specialty Shampoo Upgrades

We use the latest premium grade salon quality shampoos that are free of phosphates, parabens and enzymes. Our range of shampoos use naturally based ingredients to cater for all skin types.

  • Gentle Protein (+$5)

    A naturally based, low allergen shampoo that is safe for use on Sensitive Skin. Removes loose dry skin flakes whilst moisturising, hydrating and retexturing the skin. Revitalises the coat appearance, leaving it soft, shiny and adds lustre.

  • Skin Care (+$5)

    A non irritating, deep cleansing naturally based skin care shampoo with vegetable extracts & Vitamin E which is fragrance free. Pine tar has an anti itch action and leaves skin dry whilst hair is moistourised, nourished and shiny.
  • De-shedding (+$5)

    A natural based shampoo best for dogs with thick or double coats, formulated to help release the hair in the moulting process.
  • Deep Cleansing (+$5)

    A naturally based degreaser and deep cleansing shampoo for really dirty, greasy, oily coats and skin. A great odour remover for smelly coats.
  • Whitening or Black Coats (+$5)

    Two naturally based shampoos to enhance either white or black colours. They add richness and shine to dark coats, whiten whites and reduce colour specific stains.
  • Tearless Puppy (+$5)

    A gentle, naturally based, tearless, non-irritating, low allergen, gentle shampoo concentrate formulated especially for puppies, kittens, animals with super sensitive skin and is perfect for washing the face. Brightens white coats and highlights natural coat colours.
  • Cost Conditioning Treatment (+$30)

    The perfect partner to a shampoo treatment. An additional conditioner rinse to help soften, moisturise and repair dry, damaged coats.
  • Aloveen (+$10)

    A relaxing PH balanced skin treatment with extracts of Oatmeal and Aloe Vera for dogs with problem skin.
  • Malaseb (+$10)

    A medicated antibacterial shampoo. An aid in the treatment of Seborrhoeic Dermatitis and Dermatophyte infections (for skin and fungal infections).

Additional Services

Want a little more? We're happy to walk your dog or give them an extra coat brush or blow dry.

  • Dog Walk (from +$40)

    30 minute on lead walk in local neighbourhood with any wash, ($45 if without a wash).
  • Coat Brush and loose hair removal (+$10)

    We give a stimulating coat brush with specialist brushes to remove loose hair, minor knots or matting. AND your dog LOVES it!
  • Blow Dry (+$10)

    A blow dry service for 5 minutes to compliment our chamois dry to give your dog’s coat that extra bounce and softness.

Find your nearest Mobile Dog Wash in WA & QLD

Select 'Make a Booking' to find your nearest franchisee and request a call.

Could you be our next franchisee?

If you’re a go-getting type of person who loves dogs, and doesn’t mind people either, you could be the who we’re looking for to join the team. As a Petbarn Mobile Dogwash Franchisee, you’ll get to take the lead in your own business, and have a lot of fun in the process.

We’re dog people and always have been. But we’re also business people. So when we saw the potential in dog washing, we jumped at the chance to create something special. In January 2009, we joined forces with Fleastoppers / DoggyWash who’d been providing a great service since 1992, and added our expertise and resources to their already booming business model. Operating as City Farmers Dogwash until 2023 before joining the Petbarn brand.

Petbarn Mobile Dogwash is recognised as the dog wash experts, but our brand means so much more than that. We’re a trusted advisor and loving carer to our customer’s valued pets. As a Franchisee and as part of the ever-expanding Petbarn retail network, you’ll have access to our expertise in pet health, nutrition and care. Petbarn Mobile Dogwash takes all that trust and experience right to the customer’s door. Which keeps your phone ringing and your business growing.

Be part of something special

Being part of the rather healthy Petbarn network, will give your Petbarn Mobile Dogwash franchise a very valuable advantage. You’ll have access to a massive retail customer base, increased buying power and exclusive products and suppliers previously only available to the large retail networks. In other words, you’ll be supported by the experts in canine care.

Love dogs? you better

We doubt you’d have read this far unless you were a dog lover. But just in case it’s not clear yet, you'll be spending a lot of time with them. All our Franchisees are canine crazy so they get a real buzz out of helping their four-legged friends. They also get to be their own boss, build a rewarding business and enjoy a balanced lifestyle – without the ‘great unknown’ that usually accompanies starting your own business.

Become a franchisee today

 If you’re self-motivated, enthusiastic and love meeting new personalities, you have just what we’re after. As a Petbarn Dogwash franchisee, you’ll get to own your own business and be part of a growing brand, plus you’ll have heaps of fun every day. Click the link to inquire about joining our team.


Rounds for sale

Some of our franchisees have built their territories and grown a great customer base of loyal clients. However like all good things there comes a time when the franchisee wants to retire or finds their calling elsewhere. This is natural in all businesses and we happily support franchisees when the time comes to sell their business…

So at times we also have great franchisee territories for sale too. These don’t come up often so when they do you want to move fast!

It’s in our interests to help you build a profitable business. We’ll do everything we can to support you, and in return you’ll help us build on the reputation of the Petbarn name.

There are over 3.7 million pet dogs in Australia, so we’ve got rather a lot of work to do. Come and give us a hand!

Get in touch by completing by clicking the link below, call 1300 303 005 or email us.

Currently we have following established rounds available:

QLD, Townsville;

  • 280+ customers per month
  • Include Van in excellent condition (still under warranty)
  • Hydrobath & Accessories
  • Completely ready to go from day one!

WA, South of the River;

  • Large territory in established suburbs
  • Currently 200+ clients per month
  • Van, Hydrobath and accessories
  • Complete turnkey offer

WA, Nedlands area;

  • Boutique round 2-3 days per week, 100+ regulars per month
  • Franchise, Territory & Customers only.
  • Hydrobath & Accessories
  • Does not include Van

WA Greenfield Territories available:

  • - Mandurah Region
  • - Geraldton territory
  • - Kelmscott/Gosnell territory
  • - Cannington territory

Ask us about these and other opportunities that may be in your area.