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Discover the Best Range of Raw, Fresh and Frozen Dog Food


What types of raw, fresh and frozen dog food are available?


We offer a wide variety of raw, fresh and frozen dog food options to cater to your pet's dietary needs. Our range includes fresh meat for dogs, such as chicken, beef and fish, which are minimally processed to retain their nutritional value. Our frozen raw dog food selection provides the convenience of ready-to-serve meals packed with essential nutrients.


Are there different sizes or quantities of food available?


Yes, we understand that dogs come in all shapes and sizes, so we offer fresh and frozen dog food in various sizes and quantities. Whether you have a small or large breed, you can find the perfect portion for your pet.


What ingredients are in these types of dog food?


Fresh and frozen dog foods are made with high-quality ingredients. A blend of fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and whole grains is used, with all ingredients carefully selected for their nutritional benefits. No artificial preservatives, flavours or colours are typically added.


Is this food suitable for all breeds and sizes of dogs?


Absolutely. Fresh and frozen dog food is designed to meet the nutritional needs of all breeds and sizes. However, we recommend consulting with your vet to determine the appropriate portion size for your pet.


How should raw, fresh and frozen dog food be stored?


Fresh dog food should be stored in the refrigerator and consumed within a few days of opening. Frozen raw dog food should be kept in the freezer until ready to serve. Once defrosted, it should be used within 48 hours.


What are the feeding instructions for this type of dog food?


Feeding instructions vary depending on your dog's size, age and activity level. Generally, you should replace a portion of your dog's regular diet with fresh or frozen food, gradually increasing the amount over a week. Always ensure fresh water is available.


How long does this food stay fresh once it's opened?


Fresh dog food stays fresh for 2-3 days after opening if stored correctly in the refrigerator. Frozen raw dog food, once defrosted, should be used within 48 hours.


Are there any health benefits associated with feeding my dog this type of food?


Fresh and frozen dog food can provide numerous health benefits. It's rich in protein and essential nutrients, promoting lean muscle development, a healthy coat and strong bones. 


Can I mix this food with other types of dog food?


Yes, you can mix fresh or frozen dog food with your dog's current food. This can be a good way to transition your pet to a new diet and increase their intake of fresh, natural ingredients.


Raw, fresh, and frozen dog food provides a natural and nutrient-rich diet option for your canine companion, closely resembling their ancestral diet. At Petbarn, we offer a wide variety of dog food choices to cater to every dog's needs and preferences. For grain-free options, explore our selection of grain-free dog food, ideal for dogs with food sensitivities or allergies. We also have a range of dry dog food and wet dog food options, providing different flavours and textures for your furry friend. If your dog has specific dietary requirements, consider our prescription diet offerings. To reward your dog, explore our selection of meaty, natural, and dental dog treats. Choose Petbarn for a diverse range of raw, fresh, and frozen dog food options, ensuring your loyal companion receives a wholesome and balanced diet for their overall health and well-being.