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  1. Aqua One Horizon 182 Glass Starter Kit Stand 182L
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    Non-member: $749.00
    Save $250.00
  2. Aqua One Horizon 130 Glass Starter Kit With Stand 130L
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    Non-member: $599.00
    Save $200.00
  3. Aqua One Horizon 65 Glass Starter Kit W Stand 65L
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    Non-member: $429.00
    Save $130.00
    Terra Aqua Tropical Learner Aquarium 28L
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    Non-member: $148.00
    Save $39.00
  5. Fluval Curve Aquarium 87L
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    Non-member: $399.00
    Save $90.00
  6. Terra Aqua Goldfish Learner Kit 21L 35x22x26.5cm
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    Non-member: $91.00
    Save $22.00
  7. Fluval Curve Aquarium 60L
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    Non-member: $349.00
    Save $80.00
  8. Fluval Curve Aquarium 32L
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    Non-member: $279.00
    Save $60.00

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Dive into Our Range of Aquariums and Fish Tank Stands


Do you offer a range of sizes of aquariums?

Yes, we stock a wide range of aquariums to accommodate the varying needs of our customers. From small desktop aquariums to large tanks, we have something for every fish enthusiast.

What materials are aquariums and fish tank stands made from?

Aquariums are made using high-quality glass or acrylic, providing excellent clarity and durability. The choice between glass and acrylic depends on your preferences and requirements, as each material offers unique benefits. Glass aquariums are generally more scratch-resistant, while acrylic tanks are lighter and less prone to breaking. Fish tank stands are crafted from sturdy materials such as wood, metal or a combination of the two, ensuring long-lasting support for your aquarium.

Are aquariums suitable for both freshwater and saltwater fish?

Yes, most aquariums are designed to accommodate freshwater and saltwater fish. We understand the importance of providing a suitable environment for your aquatic pets, and most aquariums are built to withstand the specific demands of different aquatic environments. To ensure the health and well-being of your fish, it is essential to select the appropriate equipment and accessories for your chosen aquarium type.

Are other accessories or items compatible with aquariums and fish tank stands?

We stock a wide range of accessories and items compatible with aquariums and fish tank stands, allowing you to create a fully customised and functional setup. From efficient filters and heaters to eye-catching decorations and lighting options, we have everything you need to enhance your aquarium and provide the ideal environment for your aquatic pets.

Do you offer aquariums and fish tank stands suitable for different fish species?

Yes, our diverse selection of aquariums and fish tank stands cater to the needs of various fish species, from small tropical fish to large marine specimens. We understand that different species have unique requirements, and our product range can accommodate these needs. Whether you're looking to create a peaceful community tank or a stunning reef environment, you'll find the perfect aquarium and stand to suit your specific fishkeeping goals.

How durable are aquariums and fish tank stands?

Aquariums and fish tank stands are built to last, using high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure durability and longevity. Glass and acrylic aquariums are designed to resist cracking and chipping, while fish tank stands are constructed from robust materials to provide reliable support for your aquarium. With proper care and maintenance, you can expect aquariums and stands to provide many years of enjoyment.

Can aquariums and fish tank stands be used indoors and outdoors?

Most aquariums and fish tank stands are designed for indoor use, as they provide the controlled environment necessary for the health and well-being of your fish. If you're interested in setting up an outdoor aquatic environment, we recommend consulting our team for guidance in selecting appropriate products.

Elevate your aquatic haven with offerings designed to transform your fish tank into a captivating underwater paradise. At Petbarn, we recognise the allure of maintaining an aquarium, and that's why we stock an array of products to cater to your aquatic passion. From exploring fish care essentials, including fish books and gifts and nutritious fish food, to ensuring the well-being of your finned friends with fish health products, our range has you covered. Indulge your aquatic inhabitants with the best possible environment by choosing from our selection of heating and lighting solutions, air pumps and filters, and cleaning equipment. Enhance the aesthetics of your underwater haven with decorative gravel and decor options. From the foundations to the finishing touches, our aquarium and fish tank stand products ensure your aquatic space stands out as a captivating oasis for your fishy friends.

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