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Are small animal cages and enclosures suitable for a specific type of pet?

Small animal cages and enclosures are designed to accommodate a variety of pets, including rabbits, guinea pigs and more. Each enclosure is crafted with the needs of these animals in mind, ensuring your pet has a comfortable and secure environment. Before purchasing, we recommend checking the product specifications to ensure the cage is suitable for your pet.

What does maintenance and cleaning of these enclosures involve?

Maintaining and cleaning small animal cages and enclosures is a breeze. Many designs feature removable trays or easy-access doors, making cleaning simple and efficient. To ensure your pet's health and happiness, we recommend regularly removing soiled bedding, cleaning food and water dishes, and disinfecting the enclosure with a pet-safe cleaning solution.

Are enclosures designed to be escape-proof for small animals?

Small animal cages and enclosures are designed with your pet's safety in mind. Each enclosure features secure locking mechanisms and durable construction to prevent escapes. However, it's essential to regularly inspect the cage for any signs of wear or damage that could potentially allow your pet to escape. Additionally, ensure the enclosure is appropriately sized for your pet to prevent them from squeezing through any gaps.

Do you offer guidance on how to assemble small animal cages properly?

If assembly is required, small animal cages will come with step-by-step guides that are easy to follow, with most enclosures assembled with minimal tools. Should you encounter any difficulties or have questions during assembly, our customer support team can assist you.

Is there ample space in these cages for my pet to move around?

We understand the importance of providing your pet sufficient space to move around and explore. Small animal cages and enclosures are designed with ample room for your pet to roam, stretch and play. To ensure your pet's comfort, we recommend selecting a cage size that aligns with your pet's specific needs, considering their breed, size and activity level.

Do enclosures include additional features, such as feeding bowls or play areas?

Some small animal cages and enclosures have additional features to enhance your pet's living environment. These may include feeding bowls, water bottles, play areas, ramps and hideaways. Each product listing will detail the specific features included within the enclosure. Additionally, we stock a wide range of accessories that can be purchased separately to enrich your pet's habitat further.

Can cages and enclosures withstand various weather conditions if placed outside?

Outdoor small animal cages and enclosures are built with durable materials to withstand various weather conditions. These enclosures often feature weather-resistant coatings and sturdy construction to ensure your pet remains safe and secure. However, we recommend providing your pet with adequate shelter and protection from extreme temperatures, direct sunlight and heavy rain to ensure their well-being.

Do you offer any customisation options for small animal enclosures?

While small animal cages and enclosures come in various sizes and designs, we currently do not offer customisation options. However, our wide selection of enclosures and accessories allows you to create a unique and personalised environment for your pet. By combining different elements and add-ons, you can design a habitat that meets your pet's needs and preferences.

How safe are the materials used in the construction of cages for my pets?

We prioritise your pet's safety and well-being, so we stock small animal cages and enclosures made from high-quality, non-toxic materials. Each product is designed with your pet's comfort and health in mind, ensuring they have a safe and secure environment to thrive in.

Can these enclosures accommodate more than one small pet at a time?

Many small animal cages and enclosures are spacious enough to comfortably house multiple pets, depending on their size and breed. When selecting an enclosure for multiple pets, it's important to consider the additional space required for each animal, as well as their individual needs and compatibility. We recommend referring to the product specifications and consulting with a veterinarian or pet care professional to determine the appropriate enclosure size for housing multiple pets.


Transform your small animal's habitat with our range of thoughtfully designed cages and enclosures. At Petbarn, we understand the importance of providing your furry friend a safe and comfortable space. Explore our collection, including hutches, carriers and cage and hutch accessories to ensure your small animal's environment is tailored to their needs. Our selection also includes high-quality bedding, hay and straw options to create a cosy and inviting space for your pet. From spacious habitats to essential accessories, our product collection is designed to enhance your small animal's living experience.