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Does small animal shampoo suit all types of fur?

Yes, small animal shampoo is designed to suit all types of fur. Pets have different fur textures and lengths, and these gentle formulas effectively clean and nourish every strand. Whether your pet has short, long, curly or straight fur, small animal shampoo will leave it soft, shiny and healthy-looking.

Is small animal shampoo free of harsh chemicals?

Small animal shampoo is formulated without harsh chemicals, instead using non-toxic ingredients that are gentle on your pet's skin and fur.

Can small animal shampoos be used on young pets?

Yes, small animal shampoos are suitable for use on young pets. We understand that young pets have delicate skin and fur, so these gentle formulations are designed to be safe and effective for pets of all ages. However, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian before using grooming products on very young pets, as they may have specific care requirements.

Does shampoo need to be rinsed off after application?

Yes, shampoo is designed to be rinsed off after application. After applying shampoo to wet fur and gently massaging it through the fur, rinse thoroughly with warm water. This will ensure your pet's skin and fur is properly cleansed.


Indulge your small furry companions in a pampering experience with our selection of small animal shampoos and grooming products. We recognise the unique care that your little friends require, and we stock a range of products to meet their grooming needs. While exploring our selection, including small animal toys and cleaning supplies, discover bowls and bottles to keep them hydrated and brushes and combs for a well-groomed coat. Enhance their comfort with collars, leads and harnesses, and explore a selection of books and gifts to further delight your small companions. The gentle formulas of small animal shampoos ensure a refreshing and pleasant grooming experience.

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