Considering a new kitten? Or have you welcomed one into your home already?

Petbarn’s Kitten Guide is full of tips and tricks to help you become the best kitten parent. Give your kitten the right care so they develop into a happy and healthy adult cat by clicking on the image below and reading our guide.


Our kitten guide contains all the information you will need to make sure that your kitten receives the care they deserve. We’ve developed our Kitten Guide in partnership with Greencross Vets to cover every step of you and your kitten’s journey from getting your house ready for their arrival, their settling in process, medical and behavioural advice, and everyday tips to make sure you both enjoy your lives together.

  • Your handy kitten checklist
  • What to do before bringing your kitten home
  • What to feed your kitten
  • Advice on vet visits
  • Kitten FAQs and answers
  • How to discourage bad habits
  • Plus: coupons for amazing savings at Petbarn and much more!

Click the image above to download your free Kitten Guide and learn how to be the best kitten parent you can be. If you have more questions, visit your local Petbarn store for advice.

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