• A brown puppy explores outside
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    When can I take my puppy outside?

    Desperate to take your puppy outside? Find out when it’s safe for you to take them on their first big adventure into the big, wide world. It’s hardly surprising that you want to take your puppy out to experience the wonders that exist beyond the confines of your home – to meet fellow puppy-pals, break in …

  • A puppy should be microchipped

    Does getting a microchip hurt my puppy?

    If you can’t resist those puppy dog eyes, you might have to look away while your puppy is being implanted with their microchip. But rest assured, there is little pain involved in the procedure, which is negligible compared to the heartache of losing your best mate. Inflicting discomfort upon your puppy goes against every fibre …

  • Five tiny baby puppies sitting together. One yawns.

    Will desexing a puppy change its personality?

    If you’re concerned that surgical desexing will transform your puppy’s personality, we have some good news. It’s a commonly held belief that desexing a puppy changes its personality. This is a myth. While your puppy’s personality remains completely intact after a sterilisation procedure, desexing eliminates many behaviours that you won’t want them to display. For instance, …

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    Greencross puppy protection

    Being a responsible pet owner means maintaining your puppy’s vaccinations. Your local veterinarian can help outline a tailored preventative healthcare program for your pet to safeguard them from potentially serious and sometimes fatal diseases. To learn more about when to vaccinate your puppy, visit the Greencross Vets website. Sadly, vaccinations do not protect your puppy …

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    Keeping fleas off your puppy

    You can beat the flea cycle   Fleas can live on your puppy and in your environment. While the irritation of fleas is usually more noticeable in spring and summer, in warmer climates around Australia fleas can stay active all year round and are a common problem even for the most well-groomed pet. How does your …

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    Puppy Vaccinations

    Protect your pet with the right puppy vaccinations Vaccines are available to protect our dogs against several viruses. Parvovirus (Parvo) and Distemper are the most common, and they can fatal. Puppies are especially susceptible to Parvo as their immune system is has not fully matured. Death from these viruses is distressing and unnecessary so it’s …