Feliway Diffusers & Sprays For Cats

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If your cat has the bad habit of scratching or urinating in the house, they may be feeling stress or anxiety. Feliway diffusers and sprays can help your pet to feel calm, while also protecting your furniture.


Feliway Spray is easy to use – just shake and spray around your home to help your cat or kitten feel at ease, or inside their cat carrier before a trip to the vet. This product synthesises the natural pheromone released by cats, and has been scientifically proven to alleviate symptoms of fear and stress in felines of all ages.


If you're looking for a longer-term solution, the Feliway Diffuser continuously releases the pheromone over an area of 50 to 70 square metres. Each vial lasts around four weeks and is easy to replace for as long as your cat needs it when you stock up on refills.


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