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Feliway Refill 48ml

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Cats naturally deposit pheromones from their cheek gland by rubbing their face on objects. Feliway mimics this, as it contains a synthetic version of feline facial pheromones. By spraying either furniture / bedding this replicates the natural scent and inturn makes the cat feel that they are in a safe and familiar environment. Help to stop unwanted scratching, urine marking and reduce aggression towards other cats or pets. Each refill should last 4 weeks.
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    • Mae says... Super pleased with this product. Just adopted a very VERY scared, skittish cat from a foster home where she was an outsider and not liked by the other cats in care. Got her home and for the first 24 hours she wouldn't leave our ensuite; spent almost the entire time hiding behind the toilet. Plugged this into our room and placed her in it with minimal hiding places; it took a while but she explored the whole room on her own!! She's super content an relaxed now- she has barely stopped purring!
    • John says... Great Product, works wonders - Both my cats are doing much better because of it in terms of stress around the house. Buy elsewhere. You can find the same product for $70 for THREE of them, $5 more than what PetBarn charges for ONE of these. (Exact same Feliway ones, Not clones or a different brand) - Single ones at most online retailers for the Feliway refill are about $27, A saving of nearly $40 for each purchase.
    • Susannah says... We have 5 rescue cats of varying ages, so it can get stressful for them at times as they're all sharing the same territory but want their own space etc. One developed a stress-related skin disorder where he was constantly itching and pulling out his own fur, and howling and pacing around at night. Another was regularly peeing on our bed, carpet and sofa. Our house was slowly being destroyed! Since using Feliway, the behavior of both cats virtually changed overnight - it was AMAZING. The bad behavior only came back when the diffuser had run out! We now have it on permanently and have a much happier cat household! It is expensive, but so very worth it.
    • Jonathan says... I brought a 10 mo recently neutered cat into my one cat household (existing 2 yo neutered male). the new cat was aggressive, scared, and a bully. within two hours of Feliway he's become a new boy and allows me to carry him and is playing with my exiting boy.
    • Emily says... My cat was Becoming stressed due to a new addition to the house. It became that bad he got a urinary tract infection. Feliway was recommended by the vet and within 2 hrs of instal in the main living area my cat was relaxed, curls up on my lap purring.
    • Olivia says... A long time ago, my cat was attacked and became a timid, shy cat. He used to be a very confident, purry kitty. I decided to give feliway a go and he has transformed. He now purrs the way he used to and although I can't see him ever being quite the same, Feliway has really made a massive difference and he is so much calmer and relaxed. If your cat is mildly anxious, I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

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