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Feliway Diffuser And Refill 48ml

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This special scent (odorless to people and other animals) that Feliway utilizes is a replication of the pheromone that cats leave naturally when they are feeling comfortable in their environment. Every time a cat rubs its nose against objects in the home, it leaves behind this pheromone to mark its territory. Even small changes in your home can upset your cat and prevent them from leaving this pheromone, which in turn makes them feel less secure, and increases their stress.

Activities such as redecorating, moving the furniture, having guests, going to the cattery and moving home will remove these natural pheromones for your cat, causing it stress.

Your cat may also be affected by any change in your home organisation and schedule: a new family member as a baby or a new partner, a new job making you more absent from the home, etc. Cats are very sensitive to routine and stable environment.

Stress can lead to unhappy behaviour such as less interaction with you, hiding away, general mischief or even scratching or spraying.

Using Feliway will help maintain the scent that gives your cat the feeling of peace and calm and reduce the stress that your cat experiences, creating a home where you and your cat will always be 'happy together’.

The Feliway Diffuser helps you nurture your relationship with your cat/s, by creating a loving environment for them.Scientific studies have shown that by using Feliway your cat will spend more time in the home. Just screw the vial onto the diffuser unit and plug it into an electric socket. Then leave the diffuser switched on continuously to keep your cat relaxed and friendly. Each diffuser refill lasts about 4 weeks. It covers an area of 50-70m2. 

You can replace the vials every 4 weeks by buying a Feliway Refill. Avoid plugging in the diffuser under shelves or behind doors, curtains or furniture.

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    • Maria says... My cat suffered anxiety when we moved houses, I have used Feliway Diffuser in 2 rooms and the cat was very comfortable to sleep in these 2 rooms, it worked well during the first few weeks of her getting used to the new surroundings.
    • Monique says... Unfortunately this didn't work for my rescue cat. He seems even more anxious now since I've started using it, didn't stop him peeing at the front door. We've since unplugged it, wish I could have trialled it at a cheaper price.
    • jessica says... tried the spray first. didn't work. tried this and I'm very happy with it. its a little expensive but then again pet barn always has a sale on so you can buy it cheaper. i bought one from my vet and it was at least 30% more expensive than it is here. ill be buying them here from now on. stopped my cat from marking the furniture and being aggressive towards our new kitten.

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