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  1. All Day Speckle Hide & Seek Rec Cardboard Cat Scratch Mint
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  2. All Day Pom Pom Felt Cat Scratch Post Black 30x30x54cm
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    All Day Banana Cardboard Cat Scratcher Yellow 22x40cm
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    All Day Speckle Lounger Cardboard Cat Scratcher Monochrome
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  5. All Day Floral Curve Cardboard Cat Scratcher W/Teaser Mint
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  6. limited stock
    Catit Vesper Cat Scratcher Box Large Walnut
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  7. All Day Cylindrical Cardboard Cat Scratcher With Toy S
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  8. limited stock
    All Day Cylindrical Cardboard Cat Scratcher With Toy L
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  9. limited stock
    All Day Pineapple Hideaway Cardboard Cat Scratcher 35x42cm
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  10. All Day Double Trouble Cat Window Lounger Black 55x35cm
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    All Day Wavy Cardboard Cat Scratcher Mosaic
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What types of cat scratchers do you offer?

We stock a variety of cat scratchers to suit every feline's preferences. Our range includes vertical scratchers, horizontal scratchers and multi-level scratcher towers. Each type is designed to cater to different scratching habits, ensuring your cat has the perfect scratching solution to keep their claws healthy and your furniture safe.

What materials are cat scratchers made from?

Cat scratchers are made from high-quality, durable materials that ensure long-lasting use and satisfaction. The most common material used is sisal, a natural fibre known for its strength and ability to withstand vigorous scratching. We also stock scratchers made from corrugated cardboard, which is a lightweight and eco-friendly option many cats love. Some premium scratchers incorporate plush fabrics and wood for added comfort and style.

Are there cat scratchers available with incorporated toys or play areas?

Yes, we offer a selection of cat scratchers with built-in toys and play areas to keep your feline friend entertained and engaged. These scratchers often feature dangling toys, hiding spots and platforms for your cat to explore and enjoy. By combining playtime with scratching, these scratchers provide mental and physical stimulation.

How large are the cat scratchers that you offer?

Cat scratchers come in a range of sizes to accommodate different living spaces and cats. From compact scratchers that can easily fit in a small apartment to large multi-level scratcher towers for cats who love to climb, we have options to suit every need. Be sure to check the dimensions of each scratcher to ensure it fits comfortably within your home and meets your cat's needs.

Are there cat scratchers designed for multiple cats?

Yes, we stock cat scratchers designed to cater to households with multiple feline friends. These scratchers often feature multiple scratching surfaces, platforms and play areas to accommodate the needs of each cat. Providing a shared scratching space allows your cats to enjoy social interaction while maintaining their individual scratching habits.

Do you offer cat scratchers that are easy to assemble?

We understand that ease of assembly is essential for many cat owners, so we stock cat scratchers that are simple to put together. They come with clear instructions and all necessary hardware, ensuring a hassle-free assembly experience. Some smaller scratchers even come pre-assembled, so you only need to unpack and place them in your cat's favourite spot.

Do cat scratchers come with any additional features like lounging areas?

Many cat scratchers have added features such as lounging areas, providing your cat with a comfortable space to relax after a satisfying scratching session. These lounging areas can include plush perches, hammocks or cushioned platforms, ensuring your cat has a cosy spot to rest and observe their surroundings.

Are cat scratchers suitable for large cat breeds?

Most cat scratchers are designed to accommodate cats of various sizes, including larger breeds. When selecting a scratcher, be sure to check the dimensions and weight capacity to ensure it will comfortably support your larger feline friend. Our range includes sturdy and spacious scratchers perfect for keeping your big cat's claws healthy and well-maintained.

Provide your feline friend with the ultimate outlet for their natural scratching instincts with our selection of cat scratchers, posts and towers. At Petbarn, we understand that scratching is an essential behaviour for cats, and we stock a range of products to satisfy this innate need. Explore our cat collections, which include cat supplies and options for books and gifts tailored to cat enthusiasts. In addition to scratchers, our collection encompasses products for clean-up and odour control, doors and flaps, cat beds and carriers and crates to create a comfortable and stimulating environment for your cat. Caring for your cat's well-being involves providing enriching experiences, and scratchers, posts and towers are designed to enhance their physical and mental health.

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