Thousands of dogs and cats are looking for loving homes


The Petbarn Foundation is dedicated to helping pets in need and has donated millions of dollars to partner rescue organisations. Sadly, there has been a dramatic increase in pet surrenders and shelters across Australia are inundated with dogs and cats needing a second chance.  

If you’re considering welcoming a new pet to your home, we can help. Visit your local Petbarn store to view our cat condos, with rescue kittens and cats available for adoption in-store. By partnering with the RSPCA nationally, the Petbarn Foundation has successfully rehomed over 73,600 pets through our in-store adoptions.  

To adopt a rescue dog, visit the Adopt-A-Dog website, brought to you by SavourLife and the Petbarn Foundation. There are thousands of beautiful puppies and dogs looking for new homes, simply filter the listings to find the perfect companion for your family.

Together, we’re encouraging Australians to #rethinkrescues. Find your new fur-ever family member below.

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Hear how a Petbarn Adoption changed these families lives

  • Anibaldi family & Luna

    Adopted in 2019

    from Petbarn Windsor, QLD

  • Fletcher & Cuddles

    Adopted in 2012

    from Petbarn Booval, QLD

  • Jasper & Scout

    Adopted in 2019

    from Petbarn Dubbo, NSW

  • Jordan & Judy

    Adopted in 2017

    from Petbarn Ringwood, VIC

  • Anna & Firley

    Adopted in 2016

    from Petbarn Gladesville, NSW

Hear how our team members help find fur-ever homes

We have over 600 Petbarn team members who are trained to carry out adoptions

  • Alannah

    Petbarn Gosford, NSW

  • A Message from

    Petbarn Across Australia

Hear how our rescue partners help re-home pets every day

We have more than 20 adoption partners helping provide a second chance to these companion animals


  • A Message from

    Our rescue partners

adopting a pet?

At Petbarn, we believe that all pets deserve the chance to have a happy and healthy life with a loving family. That’s why we don’t sell dogs and cats in our stores, but partner with animal shelters to rehome pets in our Adoption Centres.

More than


lives saved

More than


in-store adoption centres

More than


rescue partners

We find loving homes for abandoned and stray pets

At any given moment, there are thousands of lovable pets in animal shelters across Australia waiting for a new home. Petbarn is passionate about sharing the joy of pet companionship so through the Petbarn Foundation, we partner with these shelters to make sure these pets are welcomed into families to receive the love and care they deserve.

The companion animals that you see in our adoption centres, including kittens, cats, puppies, dogs, rabbits, mice, rats or guinea pigs are not sold for profit. These are rescue pets which means that if you adopt a pet from a Petbarn Adoption Centre which are located in selected Petbarn stores, 100% of the adoption fee is returned to our adoption partners.

We have helped re-home thousands of rescue pets on behalf of our adoption partners.

Australia is a nation of pet lovers with more than two thirds of households owning a pet. Sadly, those homes aren’t always forever with hundreds of thousands of unwanted pets being surrendered to animals shelters every year. Petbarn are actively involved in raising awareness for pet adoption. Since opening our first Petbarn Adoption Centre in 2012, we have helped re-homed thousands of rescue dogs, cats, puppies, kittens and rabbits on behalf of our partner animal shelters whom we partner with closely.

Our Adoption Partners

The adoption process


Assess pets for adoption

Our adoption partner assess the pet’s suitability for rehoming. All adoption pets have undergone a comprehensive vet check and been de-sexed. In all cases dogs and cats are micro chipped, treated for internal and external parasites (such as worms and fleas), and had their initial vaccination and dogs are also treated for heartworm.


Petbarn Adoption Centres

Our partners bring their shelter animals to Petbarn where they will stay in purposely built and installed enclosures while waiting to be rehomed. All Petbarn enclosures are built at our cost and have designed in collaboration with the RSPCA to ensure the well being and safety of the pet during their short stay with us.


Quality Care

Dedicated Petbarn staff personally care for all adoption pets. While being cared for in Petbarn Adoption Centres, staff see to all the pets needs including feeding and checking the health and wellbeing throughout the day. Dedicated staff from the adoption partner also ensure the pet is cared for during their stay.


The Perfect Match

When a prospective pet parent shows interest in adopting one our adoption pets, a Petbarn team member will spend time explaining the adoption process and ensuring there is a good connection and responsible intention between them and the pet. In the best interest of the pet, no pet is adopted until a thorough interview is conducted with the potential pet parent in line with our adoption partner procedures.


Adoption Fees

The fee of adopting a pet will vary and is set by our adoption partners which is paid by anyone adopting a pet. The adoption fee is collected by Petbarn and passed directly onto the adoption partner. 100% of the adoption fees are returned to the adoption partner. Petbarn does not profit from adoption fees. Petbarn is proud to provide food, housing and dedicated staff to caring for the adoption animals while in staying in Petbarn Adoption Centres.

Find a Pet Adoption Centre

Petbarn provide instore adoption shelters to make rescue pets more accessible to the public to help them find a loving home.