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Exo Terra

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With Exo Terra terrarium supplies, you can help your snake, turtle or bearded dragon to feel right at home. It's easy to create an exotic habitat wherever you live with these heat lamps and terrarium ornaments inspired by nature.


Exo Terra heating systems make it simple to maintain the perfect temperature for your reptiles. Whether you prefer the simplicity of heat lamps or discreet alternatives such as heat rocks, you can make sure your pets are comfortable and healthy all year round.


Bring the outback into your home with cactus plants and other realistic terrarium decor that both you and your pet will appreciate, and don't forget to stock up on food and treats – whether your pet prefers pellets or crickets.


Save money on Exo Terra terrarium supplies when you shop online at Petbarn, and see our other offers on heating, decor and everything else you need when you're setting up your reptile habitat.