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Naturally delicious
Developed by pet nutritionists
and approved by vets
Human grade Aussie ingredients
27 essential vitamins & nutrients

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NEW! Introducing The Nosh Project, human grade pet nutrition. The Nosh Daily Diets are fresh and frozen, made with fresh Aussie ingredients and 27 essential vitamins and nutrients that dogs need for a complete and balanced diet.

The Nosh Project is the first human grade, ready-made meal range developed by pet nutritionists and approved by vets.

Vegetable Oil
Vitamin A
Vitamin B12

Fresh Aussie ingredients

We believe good health starts with the right nutrition. That’s why we are proud to introduce The Nosh Project to our Petbarn pets and pet parents.

The Nosh Project’s ready-made Daily Diets are made with wholesome, fresh Aussie ingredients, that are naturally delicious with nutritional benefits.

Each Nosh Daily Diet contains a main protein, carbohydrates like rice or pasta, vegetables, and the Nourish 27 Essential Meal Balancer already blended in for a complete and balanced meal.

The Nosh Daily Diets can be served on their own, or as a topper to add to your dog’s dry food for variety and flavour with the added benefit of complementary vitamins and minerals.

The Nosh Daily Diets are frozen and come in two equally portioned packs, designed to retain their freshness and quality. Simply defrost and serve.

Cognitive Health

Omega 3 fatty acids from DHA help support and promote brain and eye health.

Muscle Development & Maintenance

High quality, human grade animal proteins are great sources of amino acids; essential for the development and repair of health muscles, organs & skin.

Healthy Digestion

Prebiotic vegetable fibres found in broccoli, potato, carrots & psyllium husk help move food through the digestive system and feed the good gut bacteria.

Joint Health

Natural glucosamine found in the primary protein combined with DHA & Vitamin E found in Nourish 27 helps support healthy joints and reduce inflammation.

Healthy Skin & Coat

Omega 3 & 6 from vegetable oil combined with vitamins & minerals in Nourish 27 help nourish the skin and coat.

Immune Health

Vitamin A from carrots in antioxidants in Nourish 27 help support immunity, boosting health from the inside out.

What is Nourish 27?

Nourish 27 is a uniquely formulated Essential Meal Balancer of 27 vitamins, minerals and oils that are essential for your dog's health.

The Nourish 27 Essential Meal Balancer is available as a meal balancing powder that you can use as part of our nutritionally balanced, make-at-home Nosh recipes. We proudly share all our recipes so that you know everything that goes into our delicious and nutritious meals.

We also use the Nourish 27 blend in every Nosh Daily Diets meal we create to ensure your dog is fed a complete and balanced diet to live a longer, healthier, happier life. The Nourish 27 Essential Meal Balancer is a blend of nutrients and oils specially formulated by leading researchers, scientists and pet nutritionists.

27 essential nutrients

Makes up to 35kg of food

Human Grade

Vet Approved


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The Nosh Project has been developed in conjunction with The Greencross Vet Nutrition Panel of practicing GP Vets and independently tested by Massey University, a world leader in animal nutrition.

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