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Oz Pet Cat Loo Kit

Oz Pet Cat Loo Kit

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The CAT LOO is an EASY 1-2-3 solution that provides your cat with a natural odourless toilet that is easy to maintain and economical to use. When the litter gets wet, the particles break down and fall, or are shaken into the base tray. There is no need to change the litter as fresh litter is added to the top section only when required.

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Oz Pet Cat Loo Kit
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  • Kha Yen says...
    The sift system really works. Most of the time I don't smell when my cat poops and it's easier to clean and environmentally friendly. But, I wouldn't buy it as a loo kit because it's not value for money. The bag that comes with it last only a few days and the scoop is not very strong. I recommend Oz Pet, but buy them all separately, the sift tray, a 10kg bag and a sturdy scoop.
  • Bojan says...
    Perhaps one of the easiest and cleanest systems to use. I would recommend to add a little more litter in the bottom based on previous reviews stating that the pee misses some of the pellets. If the bottom is mouldy, then you are not cleaning your cats litter frequently enough. If there is mould on top of the sift section then you need to scoop out the saw dust or use the sift system. Either works for me, and again it's still much easier and less smellier to deal with.
  • cate says...
    I saw this cat loo system at the Brisbane Ekka and thought it was genius. And it probably is for some but not for me. I have been using it for a few months now. The best thing is that I'm not always constantly having to deal with it. But the worst thing is that most often, puss will wee in one spot and it'll fall right through without wetting much of the pellets, which break down when wet. So I end up with a container of pure wee and the smell is like nothing I've ever smelt! I'm gagging every bloody time! I'm going back to the old way of litter tray and CATLUX Softwood Clumping Litter until I can get out of this concrete building and move to greener pastures with a yard where puss can do it how nature intended. Cheers
  • Sarah says...
    I’ve been using the system for over a year now, so I feel I’ve got a good idea on how it goes. I live in a four cat household (it was five at the time of switching to this system), so obviously litter has the potential to be a big cost, which is why I looked into this system in the first place. The trays are nice and big, gone were the butt overhang issues of past, until we discovered that one of the cats was simply standing in the litter and peeing over the edge. So we bought the hoods to mitigate that issue, and the butt overhang issues returned. Though I’d much prefer clean up a few nuggets than a puddle of pee, so it’s a minor thing really. But in general the cats use the litter no problem, the hood has a section to hang the scoop, and we use a litter catching mat to catch any stray pellets and poop. So everything is pretty nice and neat and contained. The system itself is fine, I put enough of a layer in the top tray to cover the bottom with no gaps, throwing in a scoop every so often to top it up, and in the bottom tray I put down a good dusting of baking soda then a scoop of litter over that. The litter we currently use breaks down quickly and fills the bottom very rapidly, so the scoop of litter down there is just for the excess liquid pretty much. I agitate the litter as much as possible with the scoop to encourage breakdown, and wash and switch the bottom trays weekly and the top trays depending on how horrendous they get. And now we get to my main issue with the system, the branded litter. It has no odour control at all, the smell of used cat litter fills the house, we use multiples litter boxes so you can imagine the end result after coming home. It also doesn’t break down well at all, the pee soaked pellets instead stay topside and add to the overall bouquet of smells. So instead you get a pool of liquid pee in the bottom tray, and you end up using more litter because you’re basically filling the bottom tray more now to compensate for that which starts stinking very quickly. If your cat doesn’t have a big bladder, or if you don’t have multiple cats who like to flood the box as a past time, then sure the branded litter may work fine for you. But if your fur balls are anything like our four, then you might want to look into other litters. Overall, I recommend the sieve system, just not the litter they also sell.
  • Damon says...
    We have 3x 5kg cats (Bonkers Nuts & Fruitcake!!) and despite loving them dearly we grew really tired of spending our holiday fund on cat litter, so I CONDUCTED A YEAR LONG EXPERIMENT with different types of cat litter, recording: Number of days per bag; Changes per bag; Days between changes; Tracking characteristics and most importantly COST PER DAY. The one thing to acknowledge here is that EVERYBODY'S ODOUR THRESHOLD DIFFERS. This is of little consequence to the experiment however, because any given person's Odour Threshold applies equally over all litter types. This means that the number of days per bag may reduce or increase for some people depending on their Odour Threshold, but relative economy across all cat litters remains roughly identical to this experiment. My personal Odour Threshold is 3.0, given the following (newly invented) scale: 1 = ANAL: "Anything but the smell of pure new cat litter offends my delicate rose petal-like sensibilities." 2 = OCD: "I change the litter every (x) days just because (...the voices tell me to; I fear bugs, disease, God's brutal judgement etc.)" 3 = TIGHTARSE: "When I open the door the smell hits me square in the face like a punch from Mike Tyson and I lose power to my knees. Then I change the litter." 4 = FERAL: "I live in a cattery and hose it down with recycled water once per month, which may be too often." TEST RESULTS (for 3x 5kg cats): 1 / CRYSTALS / 11x days between changes / 22x days per 6.4kg bag / COST PER DAY: $1.27 / tracking: good 2 / RECYC PAPER PELLETS / 4x days between changes / 21x days per 30L bag / COST PER DAY: $1.09 / smelly ALL the time / tracking: poor-average 3 / SOFTWOOD FLAKES / 4x days between changes / 36x days per 30L bag / COST PER DAY: $0.83 / tracking: poor 4 / CLUMPING CLAY GRANULES / 4x days between changes / 17x days per 8kg bag / COST PER DAY: $0.84 / tracking: extremely poor 5 / OZ PET PELLETS / used with sieve tray / 6x days between changes / 89x days per 10kg bag / COST PER DAY: $0.20 / tracking: good SUMMARY I save $390 per year using Oz Pet over crystals. For me, THAT is why this experiment was worth conducting. If you can swallow the price of the sieve tray (actually I got a larger sieve tray cheaper online - search "Oz Pet Compatible Tray") then THIS CAT LITTER IS THE BOMB. I have read others complain that the sieved matter forms a "horrible black sludge." I was put off by this report, but I never actually found it an issue. I really don't know what colour & consistency people expect cat-piss-soaked sawdust to be, but dark brown and moist is fine by me. If you don't like it get a fish. My year long experiment is over. Obviously individual expectations and style of use differ, and I apologise for this long-winded review. I simply wrote the type of review that would have saved me a lot of time and money a year ago, should I have found it then. I hope this assists your decision making process. Cheers, Damon. USAGE TIPS 1. DON'T SHAKE BOTH TRAYS TOGETHER (sieve tray and catchment tray) as any liquid in the catchment tray splashes back up onto the litter material and makes it stink. Pick up the sieve tray and shake it gently over the catchment tray, or do what I do: Invert a clean plastic produce bag over your hand, agitate the litter material and pick up solids in one go - voila! 2. NEVER DISCARD SIEVE TRAY CONTENTS. Just keep topping it up. If you give it a vigorous enough rub then almost all of the litter granulates and the smell of the remaining litter is acceptable. 3. RINSE OUT CATCHMENT TRAY really easily in the laundry sink. The sawdust (or whatever it is) has never caused a sink blockage for me. I don't dry it, I just put it back straight away. The process takes about 30 seconds. 4. DON'T OVERFILL SIEVE TRAY. If you fill the sieve to more than about 3cm the pee soaks into the litter material and does not migrate down into the catchment tray.
  • Brittany says...
    I highly recommend this litter tray. I have a tiny house and the laundry where my kitty's litter is right next to my kitchen and it eliminates all horrible urine smells. It's easy to scoop out poop and a 10kg bag of is pet litter for one cat lasts me forever! My mum has 3 cats and uses this product and the house does not smell like cats poo or wee. Her old tray with clumping litter did. It was a huge change.
  • Will says...
    This is an absolutely awesome product. It's expensive but for us is THE solution after years of trying different litters for our two indoor cats. Easy to clean, litter doesn't smell, ZERO tracking, used litter can be scattered in the garden. Not cheap but worth EVERY cent.
  • Angel says...
    My kitty is an indoor only cat, and I went through many litter types to try and find the most economical one that kept the odour down (crystal, clumping.. You name it and I tried it). I was finding that I was spending so much on litter to keep the tray clean. I bit the bullet after reading lots of reviews and bought this to see if it could save me money on litter. While the initial outlay is expensive, and many people make their own ones for a cheaper price, I like the way this is set up- height, depth etc. I did consider making my own one after reading reviews, but glad I bought it because it's just a perfect setup. I have been using it for just under a month now, and I must say I am glad I bought it. I have saved so much money on the actual litter, and probably should clean the bottom tray more often then I do (i only do it every 3rd or 4th day), but highly recommend this if your kitty is an indoor only one and you are finding you are spending way too much on litter.
  • Carolyn says...
    The sieve system works very well as the litter breaks down very easily when it's wet. I save on litter by placing newspaper on the bottom tray then placing a plastic bin liner on top (I snip the bottom off the bin liner then flatten it out to fit the tray) I then add another layer of newspaper, then place the sieve tray with the litter on top. The urine goes through the sieve to the newspaper which I just roll up and throw away then replace the paper. I do this daily. You really don't need to add any litter to the bottom tray unless you want to throw the waste onto to your garden. Although the trays are expensive to begin with, I think in the long run it saves you money as you aren't thowing out a complete tray of litter every day once it's soiled.
  • Max says...
    I have 3 cats and was looking for an alternative to the crystals. I read the reviews and thought it sounded too good to be true! My cats refuse to use it. It cost me almost $100 and the cats have used it a handful of times and don't like it. I don't think they like the design and it doesn't allow them to dig and cover their business! If only i could get a refund- so disappointing..!!!!