Reptile Eheim

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Keep your fish healthy and happy with Eheim filters, air pumps and other supplies for freshwater and marine aquariums at Petbarn. You'll find everything you need to set up and maintain a home for your fish and other aquatic pets, from lighting to decor. The Eheim Air Pump makes it easy to control air flow, and you won't even know it's running with ultra-quiet operation and vibration dampening. You can remove deposits from the bottom of your tank, wet or dry, using the battery-operated Quick Vac Pro, and keep the water free from contaminants by installing the Aquacompact filtration system. Boost this system's performance and extend its life by adding Eheim filter pads to capture larger dirt and grime before it even reaches the filter. Whether you're setting up a new aquarium, replacing an air pump or stocking up on filter pads, get the best value when you shop online at Petbarn.