Reptile Eco Tech

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Keep your pets comfortable around the clock with Eco Tech thermostats for reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. These advanced timers control heating, lighting and ventilation individually, giving you complete control over your pet's environment and making it easy to adjust for the seasons. The Eco Tech Reptile Thermostat with Timer can be used with devices up to 1200 watts, including heat mats, globes and cables, rock heaters and ceramic heaters. As well as making it easier to regulate the temperature in your enclosure or aquarium, you can also set an alarm that will warn you if the temperature changes by as little as 1°C. If you want to simulate night conditions, the Eco Tech Reptile Dimming Thermostat automatically reduces the temperature and dims the lights, taking your pet back to nature and saving you power. Find the best prices on Eco Tech systems for your snake, lizard or frog at Petbarn and browse our online store for more reptile heating and lighting supplies.