It's official: the Oodle is Australia's top dog

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Oodles of Oodles

Why the poodle cross is Australia's top dog

Do you own an cavoodle, a labradoodle, a groodle or even a boxerdoodle?

If so, you're part of an increasing group of dog owners opting for a poodle-cross breed - a club that's steadily growing.

New research from Pet-Pulse - drawing on ten years of data including over 750,000 new puppies registered with Greencross Vets and millions of Petbarn transactions - reveals that Oodles are more popular than ever.

In fact, in 2021 a huge 16% of all dog births registered with the Greencross Vet Network were Oodles - nearly 1 in 5.

In 2021, based on data from Greencross Vet Network

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The giant leap of the Cavoodle

The cavoodle is now officially the nation's favourite dog, and has been since 2016 - but back in 2009 it didn't even rank in the top ten.

So why are Oodles so popular now - and what does that say about pet ownership today?


More than just a pet

The humanisation of pets has completely changed the pet industry, with owners ever more seeing their furry friends as members of the family, with the positives far outweighing the negatives.

Almost 90% of pet owners say their pets have a very positive impact on their lives and 71% agree with the statement "My pet is like my baby, I think of it as a child" and only 24% say they think of their pet as "just a pet."

"She's definitely not a pet - Cosmo is one of the family (I say a human on four legs!) and is part of everything we do."

Alan Bloom - Goodle Owner

say pets havepositive impacton their lives % 90 of owners
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The cutest compromise

Oodles, it turns out, offer pet owners a way to fit dog ownership with the demands of modern life.

As allergies increase, the low-shedding, hypoallergenic coat of poodle-crosses makes the designer breed more appealing for many potential pet owners.

But as Dr Michael Yazbeck from Greencross Vets explains, this doesn't mean all Oodles are 100% hypoallergenic.

"Consult with the breeder, and ideally have any members of the family with allergies to meet the puppy prior to buying,"

Dr Yazbeck, Greencross Vets.

"There are also other ways you can reduce the risk of allergies, including bathing and brushing your Oodle regularly, purchase high quality food with omega-3 fatty acids as well as vacuuming and considering the use of an air purifier".

The property market factor

The fortune of the Cavoodle also follows the trends of Australia's increasingly expensive property market.

"Small to medium sized dogs like the Cavoodle are well suited to apartment or townhouse living"

Dr Yazbeck, Greencross Vets.

"Their intelligence makes them highly trainable - a big plus for those living in close proximity to both humans and other dogs, says Dr Yazbeck."

Oodles of considerations

So if you're among the increasing number of Australians considering adopting an Oodle, what do you need to know?


First up, it's important to feed your Oodle a food that suits their needs. Small poodle crosses can be prone to myocardiopathy, or heart disease, and larger crosses can be prone to joint issues, explains Dr Yazbeck.

Foods formulated with taurine, arginine and Vitamin E can help keep their heart healthy, while a highly palatable wholefood based meal can tempt fussy eaters while providing bio-available nutrients.

Grooming is vital

"Not all owners are aware that Oodles need a lot of grooming."

Sharon Hill, Grooming Coordinator at Petbarn

In fact, Oodle owners are 27% more likely to buy grooming products, compared with dog owners in general. "It's important to use a decent conditioning spray, like the Melanie Newman range, to break up matting," says Hill. The routine also involves a time investment, too, she explains. "Think brushing and trimming every day or every second day at home, with a professional groom every 4-6 weeks."

In winter, grooming also makes warm dog clothing a necessity - one reason Oodle owners are 4% more likely to buy a pet fashion item. If it's wet as well as cold where you live, consider a water-repellent jacket, as moisture can cause matting.

> Oodle owners more likely to buy grooming products % 27 Oodle owners more likely to buy grooming products % 27

Keeping Oodles Busy

Finally, get ready to entertain those quick Oodle minds.

According to Dr Yazbeck, Oodles generally have a good reputation as friendly, loyal dogs with high intelligence from the Poodle side.

This means good puppy training, socialisation with other dogs and humans and making sure they have stimulating toys will go a long way ensuring a happy, healthy Oodle.

Read the Pet Pulse Whitepaper

All statistics stated have been sourced from data across the Petbarn and Greencross network unless stated otherwise.