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Flexi Dots Cord Dog Lead Pink Medium

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This 5m cord leash features a state of the art recoil and braking system. It is durable with reflective components and chromed snap hook. Product weight approximately 230g. Made in Germany. Suitable for dogs up to 20kg.
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    • Jonathan says... This is so much better than a fixed lead for walking the dog. She can wander around to sniff out spots on the nature strip while I walk close by on the footpath. She can speed up or slow down without being accidentally jerked by a fixed lead and without me having to match her pace (especially when she goes up/down stairs). It has made walking so much more relaxing for us yet so much more fun and comfortable for her at the same time! Very well designed product with a super smooth retracting action that just works. Super easy to lock it to a fixed length when walking near a busy road. Handle is also handy for hanging the poop bags off it, making walking a one-handed affair without ridiculously bulging pockets :)

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