Cat Nail Trimmers

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  • I confirm that my pet was examined by a veterinarian who recommended the use of on the basis of his/her diagnosis
  • I have read understood that whilst my pet is being fed , it is recommended that I seek veterinary advice at least every 6 month regarding the usage of
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Browse our collection of quality cat nail clippers and claw clippers for grooming to keep your cat in top shape. We stock a range of superior nail trimmers for cats to ensure your feline friend is always walking happy. Our cat nail clippers are made with sharp, precision-made stainless steel blades to ensure a quick and exact cut. They are also made with soft rubber handles for a safe, non-slip comfortable grip with round tips for added safety and no nasty accidents. As your cats age they can become less active and therefore their claws do not self maintain. In these cases it is important to trim their claws which can get longer, curve and penetrate into the pad of their paw. Use our cat claw clipping tools to create clean, shiny and healthy looking results all while reinforcing the relationship between you and your pet. Grooming is a wonderful way to bond with your cat, allowing for quality time and touch that mimics their mother grooming them as a kitten. Regular grooming also allows for early identification of skin irritations and other conditions. Browse Petbarn's collection of cat nail clippers for all of your kitten grooming needs. You can also buy now and pay later for all cat supplies on the Petbarn website with Afterpay or Zippay online.