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Kritter Crumble

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Kritter's Crumble pet bedding is a versatile substrate that's ideal for snakes and lizards, nesting birds, rabbits and other small mammals. This all-natural bedding is made from sustainable coconut coir that's completely chemical-free, meaning it's better for the environment and can even be reused in your garden. Kritter's Crumble bedding is available fine or coarse, depending on your pet's preference. Both types are equally adept at absorbing moisture and odours, making cleaning up a lot easier. This non-toxic bedding won't affect your pet's health, and the grains don't get trapped inside the mouths of snakes and other reptiles like some products can. Both fine and coarse bedding come in 20-litre recyclable smart bags that pack in 25% more bedding than most other brands, helping your pet bedding to last longer. You can save even more when you buy Kritter's Crumble online at Petbarn and take advantage of our bulk purchase offers, so you won't run out of reptile or small animal bedding for a long time.