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Aqua One Vege Wafer Food

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Herbivorous fish species require a much higher amount of plant and algae matter in their diet. Aqua One Vege Wafers are specifically formulated to fulfil the needs of bottom feeding algae grazing fish such as Ancestries, Sucker mouth Catfish, and Plecostomus by providing high amounts of Spirulina, Algae Meal and Alfalfa. A well rounded multi-vitamin complex and a wide variety of vital minerals ensure a healthy immune system and overall health. The 32% protein provide the energy for growth and repair, resulting in beautiful healthy fish.
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    • Brand
      Aqua One
    • Fish Specialty
      Bottom Feeding
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    • Jack says... I found this very easy to feed. 1 wafer per bristlenose per day. If you want to vary the diet a little add some peas or cucumber slices every week or so.

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