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Aqua One Breeder 3Way Guppy Tank

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Aqua One 3Way Guppy Tank comes with a separator so you can have two pregnant female fish in there at the one time. It also has a base separator so the fry will fall to the bottom half of the breeder tank. It is easy to install and is attached to the glass of your tank with 2 suction cups. It is also suitable for weak or sick fish that need to be placed in isolation.
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    • Emma says... Good for isolating weak fish only. Not so good as a fry separation box for guppies. Fry can swim out of side vents and into main tank - were happily eaten by fish in main tank :(
    • Nathan says... I think this breeder is good with someone who has a pregnant, Guppy, molly, sword-tail or platy as it easily separates babies from adults. Just a warning the babies can still come up from the bottom so be carfull that when the female is done giving birth, that you take her out. Overall a very good price compared to other stores.
    • Matthew says... This tank is ideal if you have sick, weak, pregnant, aggressive or Siamese fighting fish. I have all my male guppies in this tank and it is big enough for them to fit in, I have them in there because all of my female guppies are pregnant and are about to give birth and when they are about to give birth they are full of hormones and the males know they're about to give birth because they're full of hormones and baby guppies are food for male guppies and that's why the aqua one 3way guppy tank is a must have for all fish keepers. And you also put pregnant fish in there, it fits two pregnant fish (one room for each fish) and there are holes in the mother guppies room and the babies will fall into the holes and they will be in another room and they'll be safe and the mother won't be able to eat them.

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