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API Leaf Zone - 237mL


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Promotes the lush, beautiful growth of aquatic plants. Leaf Zone is formulated for rapid absorption through plant leaves. Contains chelated iron and potassium essential for lush green leaves.
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    • Advice Care
      Treats 1,794L. Directions: Use the API Dosing Cap on the Bottle. Add 5ml per 38L of aquarium water. Dose weekly. TIP: For best results, use LEAF ZONE in combination with API ROOT TABS tablet fertilizer. Monthly addition of ROOT TABS nourishes roots, stems and leaves to promote more vibrant aquatic plants.
    • Treatment Type
    • Benefits
      Contains iron & potassium for lush, colorful leaves Creates a vibrant planted aquarium
    • Feeding Guide
      Add 5 ml per 10 U.S gallons (38 L) of aquarium water. Dose weekly.
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