Petbarn proudly support pet adoption through community based charities including the RSPCA, Animal Welfare League and Lort Smith Animal Hospital in Victoria.

Pet Adoption

We care about the welfare of pets

At any given moment, there are thousands of lovable pets in animal shelters waiting for a new home. Petbarn believe all pets deserve the chance to have a happy and healthy life with a loving family. We are committed to responsible pet ownership and animal welfare.

Petbarn does not sell companion animals such as kittens, cats, puppies and dogs for profit. We also do not sell small animals such as rabbits, mice, rats or guinea pigs. Instead, our partner organisations house pets waiting for a new home in our adoption centres which are located in selected Petbarn stores. This means, if you adopt a pet from a Petbarn Adoption Centre, 100% of the adoption fee is returned to the rescue organisation.

Petbarn and the Petbarn Foundation actively support pet adoptions through Petbarn Adoption Centres and through fund raising events that support the efforts of our partner shelters including RSPCA, Lort Smith Animal Hospital, The Animal Welfare League just to name a few.

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Fund raising

Thanks to the support of our customers and dedicated team members, Petbarn has raised over $500,000 through fund raising activities such as the annual Giving Tree and one off activities like the Queensland Flood Appeal, all of which has been donated directly to assist shelter animals in need. Through the establishment of the Petbarn Foundation, we continue to raise funds and support animal shelters and welfare organisations.

Petbarn Adoption Centres

Animal shelters throughout Australia are dedicated to rehabilitating abandoned and stray pets in effort to prepare them for their forever home. Petbarn Adoption Centres assist in giving these rescued kittens, cats, puppies, dogs and rabbits a second chance at finding a loving family.

According to the CEO of RSPCA NSW, Steve Coleman, animals are re-homed more quickly through the Petbarn Adoption Centres than those at RSPCA shelters.  ''Not everyone can travel the distance to our facilities,'' he said, ''And we understand there are a lot of people who simply cannot deal with coming into one of our shelters or bigger facilities.''

Petbarn staff members are trained by our shelter partners to ensure we also comply with their rules and regulations so that adoption pets are well cared for while waiting for their forever homes.

We have over 60 Petbarn Adoption Centres located in Petbarn stores and we plan to continue on building more! Click here to find a Petbarn Adoption Centre near you.

For more information on our shelter partners, follow the links below:

Lort Smith Animal Hospital (Victoria only)
Animal Welfare League -
The Cat Corner -
Australian Animal Protection Society -
Bendigo Animal Welfare Community Services -
Albury Wodonga Animal Rescue -

Smart Puppy Buyer’s Guide

Petbarn encourage potential pet parents to visit a Petbarn Adoption Centre or a Local Animal Rescue Shelter as there are many wonderful dogs looking for a new home. However, if you have your heart set on a specific breed of dog, it’s important to find a good and responsible breeder.

Follow the link below to learn how to find a good dog breeder:
How to find a good breeder - RSPCA

Petbarn Adoption Process

Together with our shelter partners we have developed a process that ensures the highest level of care for the animals within Petbarn Adoption Centres to make certain that they will go to loving homes.

The process is simple:

  • We have built and installed enclosures for pets to stay in while they are in our care and waiting to be rehomed. All Petbarn enclosures have been designed to exceed the dimension requirements set out in the Pet Shop Code and have been built at our own cost.
  • Our shelter partner assess the pet’s suitability for rehoming, and ensures that they are desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, and healthy before bringing them to the Petbarn Adoption Centres.
  • Our shelter partner brings the pet to Petbarn Adoption Centres.
  • We provide staff to personally care for all adoption pets. During their stay with us we see to all their needs including feeding and checking the health and wellbeing throughout the day.
  • When a prospective pet parent shows interest in adopting one of the shelter pets, a Petbarn team member will spend time with them, explaining the adoption process and ensuring that there is a good connection between them and the pet and that they are likely to be responsible pet owners. A Petbarn team member will not allow an adoption to take place if they feel there is no connection with the pet, or the prospective pet parents do not appear to have properly thought through the commitment required.
  • No pet is adopted until a thorough interview is conducted with the pet parent in line with our Adoption Partner procedures.

Adoption Fees

Our shelter partners set an adoption fee which is paid by anyone adopting a pet. The adoption fee is collected by Petbarn and passed directly onto the shelter partner. 100% of the adoption fees are returned to the rescue organisation.

The fee of adopting a pet will vary. All adoption animals have undergone a comprehensive vet check and been de-sexed. In all cases dogs and cats are micro chipped, treated for internal and external parasites (such as worms and fleas), and had their initial vaccination and dogs are also treated for heartworm.

Petbarn is proud to provide food, housing and dedicated staff to caring for the adoption animals while in staying in Petbarn Adoption Centres. Petbarn does not profit from adoption fees.