Probably the most elegant of the cat breeds, the Siamese is all about length. Its long slender body is set high on long elegant legs which feature dainty oval paws. Its tail is long and whip-like, tapering to a point. The head is set on a long, graceful neck and forms an equilateral triangle with a long straight nose and large ears. The eyes are almond shaped, a deep blue colour and are set at a slight angle to the nose.

The body is a distinctive light beige while the ‘points’ – the face, ears, legs and tail, are in a contrasting colour. The coat is short and sleek, lying close to the body with a distinct sheen.


Siamese are an active breed that love attention. They are known for their athleticism and enjoy heights, so perches and tall scratching posts are a great idea. They also love toys to keep them active throughout the day. Siamese are a very affectionate breed.

Size: Medium slender build

Colour: Generally beige and known for their ‘pointed’ colouring

Coat & Grooming Needs: Short coat. Low grooming requirements

Weight: 4-6kg

Activity level: Very vocal and active

Social: Loves attention and being part of the family

Lifestyle: Indoor and outdoor

Compatible with other pets: Siamese are generally suitable with other pets because of their energetic and outgoing nature