Burmese cats are hugely popular, and for very good reason.

Spirited and intelligent, a Burmese cat can be taught to retrieve toys and will love playing games with the family. Their smart nature means that you can keep them entertained by teaching them to do a range of tricks, though fetch will be a game they’ll respond to best. These cats adore human company and prefer not to be left alone for long periods of time. They are, in fact, one of Australia’s most popular cat breeds. Burmese cats are a very regal cat and will require respect from those around them. That said, when this is granted, they live happily with kids, dogs and other cats.


Their inquisitive nature means these cute cats will want to know exactly what you’re up to and they’ll let you know when they’re not happy with you. Expect some noise as they tend to be quite vocal – quite the talking cat – but they’re fantastic lap-warmers and love nothing more than being cuddled.


Burmese cats have a short, silky coat that does well when groomed weekly. This will help to get rid of dead hair and keep the coat smooth and sleek. They are one of the better breeds for allergy sufferers. Their colouring is gorgeous, with champagne, blue and platinum varieties that feature accent colours on their paws, ears and tail. It’s important to take particular care of your cat’s teeth so they don’t become prone to dental issues. You should also make sure that their eyes and ears are clean, too.


Male Burmese cats can reach around 5kg, while females range between 4kg-5kg.


It’s advised that Burmese stay as indoor cats.

Energy Levels

Has moderate energy levels.

Family suitability

Great family pets when introduced slowly and carefully.

Need for company

Burmese cats are quite dependent and don’t take well to being left alone for long periods of time.

Coat and grooming needs

These cats have a short coat that requires weekly grooming.

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