This cat breed is one of the world’s most popular! This mainly comes down to the fact that the breed classification pulls in cats of mixed ancestry. Let’s not forget about their playful temperament and range of gorgeous looks either!

Because this cat breed pulls from a diverse heritage of breeds, it’s hard to pin down an exact personality for Domestic Shorthair cats. Their temperament can range from docile to active and their dependence on their pet parent will vary based on their ancestry. That said, they are big people lovers! They are a great choice for families with kids and other pets.

Their physique is really the thing that ties them all together – they are muscular cats that sit at the larger end of the spectrum. They also have a round-shaped head with round paws, too. Their short coat makes them ideal for pet parents who aren’t keen to spend too much time on grooming. And though their coats will range in colours and patterns, you can rest assured knowing that the length will be manageably short. Weekly brushing is still advised so you can keep their coat in top condition.

These cats are known to keep good health over their lifetime, especially when they’re kept as indoor cats. They are also considered very smart cats, as they haven’t been bred with pedigree in mind. If you are looking to adopt a pet, keep in mind that Domestic Shorthairs are some of the most common cats found in adoption centres. Find out more about adoption here.


Domestic shorthair cats weigh between 3kg-5.5kg.


It’s advised that Domestic Shorthairs stay as indoor cats.

Energy Levels

Varied energy levels across the breed.

Family suitability

Great family pets when introduced slowly and carefully.

Need for company

Varies across the breed.

Coat and grooming needs

These cats have a short coat and don’t need a lot of grooming.

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