With regal good looks and a fiercely loyal nature, the British shorthair is a beautiful family pet.

Most cats tend to enjoy their independence, spending their time in the most secluded corners of the house. You’ll find that while your British shorthair loves their alone time, they love being with you just as much and will not hesitate to follow you around or curl up next to you on the couch.

British Shorthairs are known for their loyal nature. While other cats may only connect to one member of the family, British Shorthairs will attach themselves to everyone in. In fact, they are total lovers of attention.

They’re more energetic as kittens and will love play. As they grow older they will become more relaxed and may develop a fond relationship with the couch. Make sure when they’re older to keep them up and moving. This ensures they get some physical activity and aren’t at risk of obesity. Your cat’s favourite toys are all available at your local Petbarn.

Thanks to their short hair, these cats don’t need too much help in keeping their coat fresh and glossy. It’s recommended you brush or comb your pet’s hair at least once a week to remove any dead hair and reduce the chance of hairballs. Keep their nails trimmed, and check their eyes and ears for any discharge. If you have any qualms about trimming your cat’s nails, talk to your local Greencross Vets.

British Shorthairs need a complete and balanced diet with the right nutrients. You will need to feed them the best quality food that is age specific. Give them a variety of food options to keep them interested. Of course, cats love meats like salmon or chicken!

Like all cats, your cat can be prone to skin problems like infections, fleas or ticks. Check your cat’s skin regularly for any areas of redness, scabbing or inflammation. Of course, protect your cat with flea and tick treatments, which you can find at your local Petbarn.


Males: 5 – 10 kg
Females: 3 – 6kg


12 to 17 years


It’s advised that British shorthairs stay as indoor cats.

Energy levels

The have fairly low energy levels.

Family suitability

They are a fantastic family pet.

Need for company

British shorthairs have a high need for company.

Coat and grooming needs

A weekly brush will keep their coat in check.
For more advice on how to care for a British Shorthair, visit your local Petbarn.