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Wombaroo Lorikeet & Honeyeater Food 1.5kg

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This Lorikeet and Honeyeater food from Wombaroo makes an ideal feed for birds requiring a diet rich in nectar. Designed to mimic a natural diet, this nectar formula offers a complete dietary solution, helping you keep specialist bird breeds fit and healthy, while promoting good digestion.
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      Use as the maintenance diet for captive lorikeets, lories and honeyeaters. Overfeeding can cause obesity, so use the suggested amounts in the feeding guide. In hot weather provide fresh food in the morning and evening to prevent spoilage. Offer fresh water, fruit and blossom daily. For breeding birds increase feed by 30% and supplement with with Wombaroo Insectivore Rearing Mix or Passwell Finch Soft Food. Lorikeets: Little, Feed mL/day: 20, Lories: Dusky, Feed mL/day: 50, Honeyeaters, Passerines: Hummingbirds, Feed mL/day 2-10. Lorikeets: Purple-crowned, Feed mL/day 20, Lories: Red, Feed mL/day: 50, Honeyeaters, Passerines: Sunbirds, Scarlet H/E, Feed mL/day: 5-10. Lorikeets: Musk, Feed mL/day: 25, Lories yellow-streaked Feed mL/day: 50, Honeyeaters, Passerines: Spinebill, brown H/E feed mL/day: 10. Lorikeets: goldie's, Feed mL/day: 25, Lories: Black-capped, Feed mL/day: 55, Honeyeaters, Passerines: New Holland, singing H/E, Feed mL/day: 15. Lorikeets: Scaly-breasted, Feed mL/day: 30, Lories: Chattering, Feed mL/day: 60, Honeyeaters, Passerines: Noisy miner, Feed mL/day: 25. Lorikeets: Rainbow, Feed mL/day: 30, Lories: Black, Feed mL/day: 60, Honeyeaters, Passerines: Wattlebird, blue-faced H/E, Feed mL/day: 35.
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