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Watson & Williams Wild Bird Seed Mix

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All natural whole grains and seed mix for wild bird with added aviary grit. 100% Australian made. Ingredients: sorghum, oats, wheat, barley, fine aviary grit, black sunflower, corn, safflower. Refill seed dish daily. Before refilling the seed dish, remove all empty seed husks. Ensure cool, fresh water is on hand at all times. Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
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    • Brand
      Watson & Williams
    • Species
      Wild Bird
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    Customer Reviews(1)

    • Lily says... I bought this for my cockatiel and my Galah and they sit there all day eating it and my galah will even whine to get some of it!! Strange as it is, I like to taste it because i know what it should be like and to make sure it is all natural. All of them seem to taste good and natural... except for the sunflower seed without the shell- the small white 'seed' , It really just tastes like bad chemicals so i prefer not to feed those to my birds. Other than that it is quite good!

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