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Watson & Williams Budgie Treat Mix 400g


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All natural and 100% Australian made premium treat mix for budgie. With added parsley, carrot and vitamin pellets. Ingredients: multi-coloured vitamin & mineral aviary pellets, plain canary seed, white French millet, carrot flakes, apple pieces, hulled oats, red-panicum millet, parsley flakes. Place premium treat mix in separate feed dish, or sprinkle over seed mix as a premium foraging food. Ensure cool, fresh water is on hand at all times. Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
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      Watson & Williams
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    • Sandy says... This is about all my budgie will eat, he was brought up on pellets, but he won't touch much else
    • bruce says... I have tried the treat,they are fussy and have passed it without having a go,i will leave it for some days to see if they get interested

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