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Vets All Natural Health Chews Skin Support 270g


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A tasty nutritional supplement chew to support dogs with sensitive skin and is formulated to support optimum skin health. Vitamins B2 and B6 supports healthy skin and zinc maintains the integrity of skin. Contain balanced omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. Antioxidants for a healthy immune system and prebiotics to support healthy digestion.
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  • Additional Information

    • Brand
      Vets All Natural
    • Advice Care
      Store below 30°C in dry location out of direct sunlight. Tighten lid after use. Keep out of reach of children.
    • Ingredients
      kangaroo meat, liver, prebiotic, milk thistle, flax seed, omega 3 powder, grape seed, barley grass, astragalus, perilla seed, vitamin C, quercetin, beta carotene, ginger, green tea, colostrum, cat's claw, zinc. (Product contains whole herb ingredients.)
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    Customer Reviews(2)

    • Val. P says... This is without a doubt a wonderful product that has helped my dog overcome serious skin issues. Before coming across this product( that my husband found by chance at Pet Barn), my dog was suffering badly from serious skin issues including itching and subsequent bacterial infections. I was constantly taking him to the vet and prescribed cortisone and anti biotics almost monthly which only masked the problem not treated or cured it. I was eventually told to put him on an expensive new drug that was supposed to help him and not give him long term serious side effects. This "new" drug came with cancer risks however. Vets are not always capable of giving the best advice for dogs as I was soon to discover because my dog developed cancer after only two months of being on it!! After extremely costly medication treatments and operations, my dog was very fortunate to recover and is healthier than ever thanks to this brilliant product. Just one chew a day along with hypoallergenic dry food is all that he needed to cure him of his skin issues and best of all it is natural and good for him. I highly recommend this product!! It has helped my dog so very much and for that I am grateful.
    • Melissa nevin says... Very please, my puppy's coat wasn't great, just a few weeks after starting to use these I could really feels and see the difference. He also loves them so very easy to give.

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