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Vetafarm Rodent Origins 2kg


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Completely balanced diet designed by vets for rats and mice. Contains a specific blend of vitamins, minerals and amino acids for long-term health and general vitality. Fruit flavoured and extrusion cooked for increased palatability and digestibility.
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    • Jennifer says... I am so happy that Petbarn now sells this instead of the mixes! Vetafarm rodent origins is the perfect diet for your rats or mice, it is the only nutrition they need (however treats are still appreciated). My boys (rats) are healthy and their eyes are bright. I would definitely recommend this food! If you are wondering why mixes tend to be bad, this is because rats (like humans) like to pick out what they like and then leave the rest, this means they wont get their nutritional needs... because admit it.... Big Macs are great and salads are for rabbits.

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